How to Travel Without Being a Tourist

Become a mindful traveler and share with care

travel not become tourist

It takes time to learn how to travel. Not how to travel on budget or ho to travel light. Sure thing those take practice, too. But if you really want to become a mindful traveler and discover the world around you with your true eyes, you need to stay humble. It also takes courage to learn hot to travel without being a tourist. Why? Because you'll be the one taking risks of being true to yourself, true to your fellow man and true to the world around you. So what exactly does it mean to be a mindful traveler?

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Say Hello

Interesting Observations from Trips Round the Globe

how to travel without being a tourist

I have learned that generally people around the world are very much the same. However there are many small details that can be very interesting making the whole nomad experience a bit tricky. There are certain things you should always consider before you say hello, order your food and… judge anyone you meet on your way. These are the things you need to know before you say hello. 

How to Survive a Flight to Australia

Essential Tips for Those Traveling on a Long-Haul Flight

how to survive a long-haul flight to australia

When flying for the first time to Australia I was far too anxious – I anticipated the horrors of the long-haul flight. I was not even sure how I was going to survive a flight to Australia. 12 hours from Copenhagen to Singapore and 8 hours from Singapore to Brisbane. I was flying economy but I made sure to book aisle seats as I am 1.86 m and the very thought of not being able to stretch every now and then, made me want to burn my nipples with a curling iron.

Why Argentina Can Still Consider Itself Lucky

Even Though Germany Has Won Copa Mundial

Lucky Argentina

Argentina has been in a bit of despair for the past couple of days. They have lost to Germany. Emotions were great and so was the despair. In a true lation way the nation mourned the defeat. As much as I totally understand them, there's one thing I still need to say. Argentinians! Consider yourself lucky anyway. You may not have won this game but you have won so much more – your amazing country. Not that Germany is hidious or anything. But if I had to choose honestly, I would definitely rather spend my next journey in the land of gauchos than in the land of currywurst.

5 Reasons to Visit Brasil Besides la Copa Mundial 2014

visit brasil this summer

The 2014 World Cup is here, giving the world an extra dose of exposure to Brazil, which is surely worth it. Most travelers admit though and seem to agree that the reasons to visit – and love – the country outweigh the difficulties found along the journey. And those reasons to visit Brasil are plenty. We give you five indisputable ones.

5 Ways to Stay Crisp and Healthy on a Road Trip

Simple tips for those who plan a healthy getaway

how to turn road trip into a healthy adventure

Road trip can be a great way to discover the places, explore culture and meet people. Those mini travels take you were you want to go and where you would never expect to be. But to enjoy your road trip to the fullest you should make sure it is a healthy adventure. There are many ways to make sure every road trip turns into a healthy adventure but these 5 essential tips are an absolute must to remember.

5 Almost Good Reasons Why People Don’t Travel

And why their reasons suck the big way

common reasons why people don't travel

Why people don't travel? Most of us willingly give hundreds of reasons why we actually want to travel. For humans it is only natural to move – after all we've been nomadic for centuries. Even today, this call deep inside of us makes us all to a certain extent modern day digital nomads. There are still those who have not yet discovered the joys and lessons traveling can give. Some use excuses that may seem rational at first, but do not stand the test of our careful examination. Here are 5 most important reasons why people choose not to travel and our answer to those convictions. 

Why Everyone Should Travel Solo at Least Once

The 7 great lessons you'll learn going solo

everyone should travel solo

Traveling solo used to scare me. I thought without my friends I will be lost, miserable and in danger. I also perceived traveling solo as a desperate act of someone who has zero friends, no social life and communication skills of an ameba. But then came one time when I have decided to visit Scandinavia on my own. The choice did not seem extravagant. I decided to give solo traveling a try. Since then I have done it quite often. And I think everyone should travel solo at least once to learn a few things about themselves. I give you seven reasons why everyone should travel solo at least once

How to Become An Independent Modern Day Nomad

how become independent modern day nnomad

Modern day nomads are those who cherish freedom. As a concept freedom is one of those things that is hard to explain, but it’s easy to notice once you loose it. And even though our world is a great place, modern civilisation is full of traps that restrict our freedom. The career choices we make, the routines we fall into, the consumption that eventually consumes us… The path of a modern day nomad is not an easy one, but it surely is an inspiring one. And it does make the concept of freedom a lot more easy to understand.

How to Make Your Next Travel Count

make next travel count

Why should you make your next travel count? Because too often we travel without experiencing what is most precious about it. Studies show that having a stressful trip is worse than not taking one at all. The question is – What are we doing wrong? The dream holidays become a nightmare and we return more stressed than we were. Or we plan everything to be perfect and come back frustrated angry and sometimes even conflicted with our partners and fellow travelers. I have already written on how to resolve conflicts on the road. Now I want to help you make your next travel count.