10 Things You’ll Learn Being a Modern Day Nomad

Revelatory Life Lessons That Will Make You a Better Person

modern day nomad

There are tons of things you can learn being a modern day nomad. Like every modern day nomad you'll be free to do what you want, free to choose where you want to do it and free to decide who you want to do it with. The freedom that comes with being a modern day nomad can be amazing but it can also teach you a few things, sometimes the hard way. Having a 9 to 5 job and living a comfy life filled with routines is a safe choice. But it definitely is not the best for some. Especially for those modern day nomads that want more. Discover the things you can learn on the way and in the process. 

Five Best Gap Year Websites

Best Resources for Those Considering Taking a Gap Year

gap year websites

Considering taking a gap year? Looking for resourceful websites and inspirational stories. Check these five gap year websites we've reviewed. You'll find inspiration, information, gap year tips and much more. A Gap year experience can be one of the most rewarding self-growth journeys you'll take. Make sure to be prepared and make the most of it. With those five best gap year websites you'll sure stand a high chance to do so.

Five Life Changing Adventures You Have to Consider

Mind-opening, amazing & inspiring travel activities every traveler should think of

top life changing adventures

We have chosen five life changing adventures to inspire you and make it easier for you to plan your next great trip. When it comes to sourcing an idea we face an unlimited spectrum of choices. The real question is where I should go next. The choice of those five life changing adventures is, clearly, a subjective one. I think there is no such think as objectivity when it comes to wunderlust. We have chosen these life changing adventures because we truly believe those experiences lead to self-discovery, help you stay open-minded and are simply stunning. 

Top Resources Every Digital Nomad Needs

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Nomadism

best digital nomad resources

Robert Frost once said "Freedom lies in being bold." The modern version of that wise quote would read "Freedom lies in being a digital nomad." We've collected our best resources every digital nomad needs to make it easier for you to find inspiration, learn tips and give digital nomadism a try. 

How to Break a Pattern and Become a Digital Nomad

With an exclusive FREE ebook download

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What does it take to become a digital nomad? How do you break free from a society imposed linear life pattern? You know how it goes. Acquire a good education, corporate job, take a break twice a year, retire and you know… compromise on your dreams. Does it take courage or just a bit of luck? Travel World Passport has collaborated with great digital nomads on a FREE ebook available for download here. Their stories prove that it truly pays off to follow your dreams and become a creative freelance professional.

How to Become a Creative Professional and Travel the World

Download FREE EBOOK full of inspiring stories

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Ever dreamt of a life of a freelance creative professional? Here's a solid dose of inspiration from amazing digital nomads who have created a lifestyle they wanted. We've collected stories of entrepreneurs, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and other creative professionals who choose a challenging, yet adventureous path of modern day digital nomads. The FREE ebook you can download is a collection of great stories, resourceful tips and thoughts of great people who dared to take the road less traveled.

7 Tips Every Digital Nomad Needs to Consider

Advice for Freelance Professionals

tips for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad is not all about glamorous moments, working creatively on an exotic beach with your laptop. It obviously is a great way to find true balance and explore the world, but it also is about challenges you may have to overcome daily. I have written recently about managing yourself as a freelancer. Here are 7 more tips every freelance digital nomad could benefit from. 

How to Manage Yourself As a Freelancer

Things Every Digital Nomad Should Consider

manage yourself as a freelancer

Being a freelancer means you are free. You are your own boss free to decide who you work with, where and when you work and when you want time off. As a freelancer you can manage your own professional development and pursue the individual path of your career. But, to fully enjoy the life of a digital nomad you need to learn how to manage yourself as a freelancer. I have already written a post on what it takes to become a digital nomad, now some advice on how to manage yourself as a freelancer.

6 Basic SEO Tips Every Blogger Needs

Make Your Content SEO Friendly with Travel World Passport

SEO tips for bloggers

Your blog rocks. You write with passion and want to share your experiences with others. As a content creator you wish it was all you could worry about. No matter how good your writing is and how people value your perspective there is one thing that you can always make better. That is your SEO. SEO is a word that makes every blogger cringe. Some of you might argue that building an active readership is more important than SEO tips (I do agree with that), but it is always necessary to give equal importance to SEO. Especially that the very basic SEO tips and adjustments are within your reach and do not require money and time. Search engines like Google constantly roll out algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, EMD(Exact Matched Domain) and you can never be sure which one will strike your blog. Google continues to promote valuable, useful content, so follow these 6 simple rules to on top of the game.

5 Free Online Tools Every Blogger Needs

Great Online Resources to Help You Blog Better

SEO tips for Bloggers

I reviewed 5 essential free online tools for bloggers that can make blogging and marketing your content a lot easier. These free online tools come handy when you are looking for post ideas, want to simplify your writing or analyse your marketing efforts. I have selected those particular free online tools as they cover all aspects of blogging – from brainstorming ideas to analysing SEO and marketing.