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The map is not a territory – that is a phrase I use often to explain that the way we perceive and interpret things differ greately even when we view the very same object or phenomena. I think it is exactly the same when we talk of travel destinations. A map is only an interpretation of the territory, the land. The very same place seen by the eyes of two travelers can result in two very different stories. Stories that are later saved and shared. I took time to look at the very popular and less obvious travel destinations Travel World Passport members saved in our framework. And I found out that their perspective is very unique, sometimes surprising and always inspiring. That is why I chose 10 Top Travel Destinations and came up with a deck to inspire you and make you realise that no two travel stories are the same. And that is the beauty of it all. 

Travel World Passport is a framework to save and share travel memories. The users proved that even top travel destinations can be rediscovered in a very unique way once you have the opportunity to look at them throught the eyes of the fellow traveler. That is why I chose various places seen by Travel World Passport travelers – the modern day nomads who inspire and get inspired. It's our list of top destinations – it is not based on numbers, objective measures and tourism industry gurus. It is subjective, personal and honest. Just like all the stories shared on Travel World Passport are. The 10 top travel destinations deck is just the first one in a long series. It was difficult enough to chose just the first ten, so I assure you we will come up with much more. 

top travel destinations

Travel World Passport travelers save memories and share then generously. They inspire and inform – it's worth checking their personal views on locations popular and relatively less known. In our deck you can see popular top travel destinations like Paris or Thailand but you can also discover places like Stockholm or charming little town of USA. Just enjoy it and get inspired.