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When it comes to traveling there are many things you need to know. But amongst those there are important things you need to know about food. Yes! The bare necessities of alimentary products become so much more than nutrition. Food and travel go well together as long as you’re prepared well enough. We’ve got 3 great presentations that include most important things you need to know about food and travel. Take a look!

Important things you need to know about drinks and drinking customs around the world

Drinking customs around the world are very diversified. In every culture there are not only local liquors, but also drinking customs that can seem very strange. Alcohol, like food, is an invaluable part of every nation’s culture. So before trying to drink with folks of other nationalities, read about HOW to drink liquor and avoid faux pas in different parts of the world.

Important things you need to know about street food around the world

One of the best way to feel the spirit of foreign culture is to taste its local cuisine. While upscale and trendy places can impress it is the street food that says much more about the people and their taste. Sampling the local street food when traveling Europe can be a tasty (and much memorable) experience. Have a look at what’s best out there.

Important things you need to know about tipping around the world

Wherever you travel you might want to know if you are in a country where tipping is customary and required. You might wonder if it’s appreciated but not at all expected. Sometimes you might be surprised as it seam is is virtually unheard-of? To ease up your worries we’ve selected some tipping tips from around the globe. Have a look!