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Take a programmer, for example. You picture nerd. Sheldon Cooper type, I bet. But trust me, you can envy them a couple of things. And it’s not just their ability to insult people using only two numbers (you know what I’m talking about you binary freaks;)). My task at hand includes exploring the habits of these peculiar creatures known as freelancers, the species that have the skills to work from anywhere in the world, this includes the forbidden lands of World of Warcraft. There are No Funeral Clowns I know of in WoW, but what I know is that, surprisingly, this profession really exists, (un)fortunately only in Ireland.

Back to programmers. The character of their work requires three things: sustainable power, high speed Internet and a computer. In the XXI century you expect those things to be available wherever you go. Maybe they are, but not always in a set of three. Especially when you add cheap cost of living, good parties and wonderful weather to the mix. The choice narrows down extremely. Believe you me.

We’re on the hunt to find the (drum roll) PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE FOR A FREELANCER

I did some research, asked around where one with such mighty skills would like to relocate to. Some insisted on some really remote, awesome places, nothing short of being a lair for a super villain. And then one guy said Toronto. How lame I thought…But lets humour the fella and consider all our options.

TORONTO – easy and nice will have it’s price

High speed Internet? Check. Power? Check. Computer? Check. I have no doubt that Toronto is a vibrant city, with a lot to offer, but two things turn me off- cost of living and climate. The average monthly cost is said to be around $1800. FOR ONE PERSON. On the flipside Toronto has somewhat of a developed tech community, which can give you some perks, if you need a helping hand with a project you’re working on. There’s also a lot of co-working spaces, if you’re into those things.

Internet = $50/25Mbps/month.


THAILAND – curry in the rain.

Some may say that Thailand is cliched. I don’t know about you but I don’t mind. I’ve seen this, I’ve done this …I want this! But, what about the rain season you ask? Oh trust me, it’s still better than European winter season. Plus, keep in mind that a 1 bedroom flat in Ko Samui will cost you only $300/month, plus the added cost of high speed Internet around $30 a month gets you a pretty decent connection. Please don’t make me go into detail discussing all the delicious and cheap food ($3 paad thai) you can get there, because I’m literally on the verge of bursting into tears. And there’s one more thing… (pun intended) getting to Thailand is a real piece of cake.



Hope I surprised you with this one. Ever thought about moving to Ecuador? Me neither. But apparently people do it. More than that- they seem to be more than happy living there. They abandon the American Dream and settle down in secluded Ecuador, a place “for anyone who wants to live life like it’s meant to be lived…fresh air, deliciously healthy food, the warmest, kindest, most generous people, and no lifestyle sacrifices”. If I add that 1 bed flat in Manta’s City Center will cost you $120/month, would it make Ecuador more attractive? I’m sold. One tip before you leave. Don’t ask locals if they speak “Ecuadorian”… Unless you don’t care about having them as friends :)

Internet cost = $29,9/1100kbps month.

Fairly costly airfares from outside the continent.Domestic flights- getting to Manta is only $45, one-way flight ticket from Quito.

The average monthly cost = $700

galapagos art

7000 islands of the PHILIPPINES

Look outside your window. Now picture the Philippines. Now back to the window. Now back to the Philippines. Sadly your view is probably not the Philippines. But it could be for a $150 to pay monthly rent in Puerto Princesa, the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Close your eyes. Where are you? By the Subterranean River, the longest navigable underground river in the world. Anything is possible :)

Internet = $100/10Mbps month.

Although there are no direct flight to Philippines from Europe, you easily get there via Hong Kong. Also Air Asia offers you connections within the country.


There are no bad options here. Each of those places are unique and worth living in. The worst place you can move to is …the virtual world of the Internet. Yes, it’s true that it can show you more, but it will never let you feel the sand beneath your feet. You say “it’s not that easy”. If life was easy, where would all the adventures be? :)

The trouble is, you think you have time.
- Buddha