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I have tested and reviewed 5 iphone apps for travel photographs. Some add more drama to your black and white shots, some help you find the best 'golden hour' light to follow the expert advice covered in our free ebook. These iphone apps for travel photographers are one way of taking a different approach or simply having more fun with travel shots you already have. Some iphone apps like Instagram are reviewed to simply encourage you to use them as a marketing tool, others like Stilla are here to encourage you to play with art form of landmarks and objects. Here are my top 5 essential iphone apps for travel photographers.

Camera Noir – to add extra drama to your travel shots

iphone apps for travelers

If you are looking for dramatic B&W travel photographies Camera Noir is an app for you. This very simple mobile application allows you to easily transform even the most colourful setting into a surreal camera noir vintage shot. Unlike Instagram it adds extra depth to your black and white shots making it possible to choose between the very basic functions – and that is what I love the most about the app. Camera Noir is just about the most basic B&W photo app I have ever seen. And yet, miraculously, it seems to have included just the right features. There are three buttons on the screen: The shutter, a button to browse your photo library, and the brightness button. This last is the only control you have over the image, and it comes in three flavors: lo, mid and hi. That’s it and that is enough. If you want to capture a romantic scene in Parisian cafe and follow the steps of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Camera Noir is an app for you.

Instagram – to reach out to new audiences and promote your content

iphone apps for travel

Ok, it's obviously the most popular mobile community there is based around visual content. We've proven in our recent posts on 5 Top Instagram Profiles to Follow and… 5 More Instagram Profiles to Follow that the photos found there, can be true to art form pieces. I will not try to encourage you to use the app per se, but I think every travel blogger or travel photographer should consider using this app as a marketing tool. With well researched hashtags we can target the audiences seeking travel photography without risking the banalities of selfies (I still, however, argue in this post that travel selfies are not that bad).

Sun Seeker – to shoot in the best 'golden hour' light

iphone apps for travel sun seeker

Sean Bagshaw, one of our contributors to 12 Expert Lessons on Digital Photography points out that light plays a crucial role in your travel shots and that the position of the sun allows you to add more drama to all the landscapes you shoot. When traveling we sometimes might miss the best times of the day to shoot great pics (regardless of the use of mobile, digital or analog). Sun Seeker provides a FLAT VIEW COMPASS and an AUGMENTED REALITY CAMERA 3-D VIEW showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and more and a MAP VIEW showing solar direction for each daylight hour. Really handy for setting up that elusive great sunset shot. I also find it really handy to help find out the sunset and sunrise times quickly so you can plan what obscene time of the morning to wake up so you can shoot in the best ‘golden hour’ light.

Stilla – to create illusion and ghost like 'impossible' perspectives

iphone apps for travel

Stilla is a photo app that allows you to combine different overlays of multiple shots of the same object in different 3D angles. Sounds complicated? It surely isn't so. With this app you simply shoot several pictures, mix the 3D perspectives with simple touch gestures to get a dreamlike perspectives. More of a fun art form than a documentary photo app, Stilla is one of my favourite apps when I want to play with most iconic landmarks. I bet you no one will have the same shot as you do once you use it. 


Over – to add text and typo art to your photos

iphone apps for travel

Want to add some favourite quote to the pic you've just taken? Or maybe you wish to personalise it with a 'I love this…'. Well, you have obviously unlimited options offered by the very professional Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom web applications. However if you are looking for something equally effective and far less complicated, you can use Over. It's a simple, easy to use app for adding custom typography to photographs. With Over it's all about your creativity. Expand it by overlaying captions, poems, recipes, jokes or inspirational quotes to your images. 

The reviewed apps are just some of the many you can find out there. But even the best app will not work without your eye, your heart and your basic knowledge regarding composition, light and rules. If you are looking for some expert help from guys like Gary Arndt, Sean Bagshaw, Etienne Bossot, David Byrne and other world famous bloggers and photographers, make sure to download our FREE EBOOK.