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Whether you are a hardcore explorer or more of a relaxed type of a traveller every new journey, apart from spectacular memories, brings a whole hoard of potential emergency situations – from extreme weather to cuts and bruises.  Here’s our selection of five top first aid apps you should have on your smartphone. In case anything goes wrong, you’re definitely better off safe than sorry.

GotoAid app


GotoAID is a member of the Health & Safety Institute and the app has been reviewed by physicians and veterinarians. With a database of over 400 topics, interactive tools, and report generators, GotoAID brings immediate access to first aid information for you and your pets. Yes, this one is for pet lovers also who will appreciate that about half of the first aid topics are for people, the other half applies to dogs and cats. The app also provides a full disaster preparedness section on what to do before, during and after a disaster. Created for the non-professional responder, GotoAID’s easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations walk the first aid provider step-by-step through the appropriate responses for everything from bee stings to weather related emergencies to a complete Sudden Cardiac Arrest incident. and the app has been reviewed by physicians and veterinarians. The premium version includes more than 400 first aid topics and sound clips, along with video instructions, distress signal information and a search function to guide you to the nearest medical facility. The lite (free) version contains considerably less — only a little more than 40 first aid categories — but is helpful if you want GotoAid for free rather than $4.99 on the iOS. It’s also available for Android – premium version for $4.99 and lite for free.

Army First Aid App

Army First Aid

Because medical personnel will not always be readily available, soldiers must rely heavily on their own skills and knowledge of life-sustaining methods to survive on the integrated battlefield. The Army First Aid manual is a quick source of critical medical information, so even if you are not a soldier and your journey is not exactly the battlefield you will find this app very useful. With over 600 page of information, the Army First Aid app brings the Army’s First Aid manual to you. You’ll find basic first aid information — including bleeding, breathing, fractures, heat and cold injuries — as well as instructions for rescue carries and transportation. There are categories for dangerous and poisonous animals and plants to help you survive, lest you be caught in the wilderness unprepared. It’s available for $1.99 only on iOS.

Pocket First Aid and CPR app

Pocket First Aid & CPR

It may seem hard to believe but with this app, one man even survived the 2010 Haiti earthquake. You can read the story of Dan Woolley, who survived 65 hours under rubble by using this application here. This recently redesigned Pocket First Aid and CPR app now reflects the updated American Heart Association’s guidelines on CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. It has clear and concise instructions for adult, child and infant CPR, as well as 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations. This downloadable app provides quick, concise and clear first aid and CPR instructions from a user’s smartphone that can help a user save a life in the event of an emergency. Its newly added search functionality is nifty, too. It’s available for iOS and Android, each for $1.99.

First Aid App American Red Cross

First Aid by American Red Cross

Red Cross’ First Aid app is a great tool to have at the ready. The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Available for iPhone and Android devices, the official American Red Cross First Aid app gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid. It includes safety tips for everything from volcanoes to meningitis, as well as the standard directions for heart attacks, burns, cuts and more. Because the app operates on preloaded content means you don’t need Wi-Fi to access the app — a necessity during emergencies. It features a clean, red and white Pinterest-like scroll design. Once you tap on your unique emergency situation to get step-by-step instructions. You’re just one button away from getting help since it’s fully integrated with 911. It’s available for free on iOS and Android.

Drops First Aid App

Drops First Aid

Drops First Aid is an app that provides helpful information for potential life-threatening situations. It’s is one of those apps that should become standard on every smartphone. The more people that know how to perform CPR, and provide general first aid, the better. We have our smartphones with us pretty much everywhere we go, so why not download this to always know what to do in an emergency scenario. Drops First Aid by Dynamisk Helse sports a clean interface that divides information into three sections. Summaries provide short, easy-to-understand instructions for when you have to take immediate action. You get videos for clear visuals, and full instruction gives you a detailed text and image rundown of how to respond to each situation. There’s also an option for more advanced life-saving techniques if you’ve already mastered CPR training. It’s available for $1.99 on iOS.

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