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Instagram is not all about selfies, duckfaces and heart shaped latté foam pictures. We've spotted some real photography gems on instragram. Not that we oppose any of forms of expression – in fact we cherish creative minds who use social media to showcase their unique talents. We're especially happy when this talent is travel related. That is why we came up with our top 5 Instagramers to follow. The choices are subjective (obviously) but we hope you'll love these instagram profiles as much as we do. Five instagramers to follow is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to searching for great talents out there. There'll be more to come very soon.

1. Morten Nordstrøm

Morten Nordstrøm instagrammers to follow

This relatively new artist Morten Nordstrøm is best known for his eye capturing series of Copenhagen reflected in puddles. The hashtag #puddlegram is  great creative approach that you just can't resist. 


2. JR

JR instagrammers to follow

JR literally owns the biggest art gallery in the world. He exhibits freely on the streets showing what he believes in and wants to discuss – freedom, commitment, identity and limits. His Instagram profile is an experience you will not forget. This is ART in its best (even though digital and mainstream) form.


3. Dirka Dallas

Dirka Dallas instagrammers to follow

The magnetic beauty of landscapes and iconic objects captured in a simple square form of an Instagram photo is something Dirka does best. Check out his Instragram profile and you will fall in love with his art.


4. Sefa Yamak

Sefa Yamak instagrammers to follow

Sefa Yamak is the master of capturing the moment. His Instagram profile is full of pictures that are just those seconds in time that we're waiting to be saved. 


5. Aravind

Aravind instagrammers to follow

Aravind from www.perfectfotki.com is an Indian banking photo enthusiast who shares his sets of unique landscapes and portraits with us. Make sure to visit his instagram profile.


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