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I have learned that generally people around the world are very much the same. However there are many small details that can be very interesting making the whole nomad experience a bit tricky. There are certain things you should always consider before you say hello, order your food and… judge anyone you meet on your way. These are the things you need to know before you say hello. 

You can learn a great deal of things when you travel as we have mentioned before. You can learn to lead a meaningful life. You can learn to solve problems and you get a great deal of new experiences. But you can also learn little tricks that no language course and no university will teach you. You can learn all those things in action mode and that is so great about it.

Before you say hello

need to knowWhen I first came to Australia I was pretty confident – I thought I knew the culture, I thought I speak the language fluently and I thought that it should be a piece of cake to get around. And it was basically that except from the fact I have realised that the small talks are the ultimate test drive when it comes to lingustic fluency. Take that Australian "How are you". At first I thought it was an invitation to a rather elaborate conversation whilst it is just a polite form of greeting that does not require detailed answer. The way to go is to answer back with "good, yourself?". In Poland however be prepared people giving more detailed and sometimes rather dramatic answers. Not that the lives are so much filled with drama, but complaining a bit is a way to go.

Before you order food

need to knowAll the foodies out there will agree that there is actually no better way to get to know the country than tasting it's original food. Before you order however there are certain things you should consider. Take time to choose the places the locals go to. Do not follow the footsteps of other tourists as this will lead you at most cases to rather tourist oriented mediocre food. If you really want to find places like the Yatala Pie House in Gold Coast (Australia) or really good Pasteis de Nata in Lisbon follow the locals and taste the real stuff.

Before you judge anyone

need to knowWe all basically want the same thing. We want to love and be loved, we enjoy good meal with friends and we want to provide safe shelter for everyone we love and care for. That being said we should all walk in someone elses shoes before we actually judge anyone. Especially when it comes to strange habits and rituals. I used to think that Italians and Spanish people are extremaly loud and me, coming from the quieter north found it rather difficult to adjust when traveling those countires. But I have realised that is the way they express themselves and that the gestures, the expressive talk and the constant buzz are something I should rather cherish and not find annoying. The same goes to rather reserved and cool Scandinavians. Every nation has their own little characteristics that can be either viewed as annoying or welcomed as the clear sign of diversity and beauty of this world.

Learning the little things can help you not only when you are traveling but is crucial when you decide to become one of the expats. We surely love to share some thoughts on that, too. If you have any questions, please do write them in comments below.

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