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This time we give you top casino destinations in the world. After all traveling is a bit of a gambling itsef. Even if you are not exploring any casino destinations you might sometimes feel like you've bet the wrong horse. If you’re looking for top casino destinations it is probably because where you live gambling is illegal or restricted or simply… not that much fun. Like any other behaviour, that is highly addictive, gambling is a controversial topic. But if you want to have some fun, there are places, where you can put on your sunday best and allow yourself feel like Daniel Craig/James Bond in “Casino Royale”. Even if just for a little while. Check out the most attractive casino destinations.

Las Vegas, USA

Top Casino Destinations in the World

Las Vegas, Nevada is without a doubt the best known casino destination in the globe. If you have to loose all the money you have on gambling (which I am definitely not advising you to) it’s probably Las Vegas, where you would bare seeing them go. Because that would mean, you had a chance to ride the Las Vegas Strip, which is the street with 19 of 25 hotels with the biggest number of rooms in the world, every one of them built in a different architectural style. It would mean that you’ve tried your luck in poker, blackjack, roulette or slot machines in one of dozens (literally) casinos in the city. Las Vegas is not just another city in the States. It’s a popcultural icon, the same as Marilyn Monroe or Coke.

Atlantic City, USA

Top Casino Destinations in the WorldWest Coast has Las Vegas, East Coast has Atlantic City. The state of New Jersey was the second one, after Nevada, that legalized gambling, but they would only allow it in Atlantic City. If you’re visiting New York, in just two hours drive you can roll the dice (again, not metaphorically), play blackjack, roulette and slots. And if that’s not enough for you, there is a Racecourse, where you can bet some money on horse racing. As opposed to casinos, you don’t even have to be 21 – 18 is enough. But horses are not the only things that are beautiful in AC. Every year in September the city hosts the Miss America Pageant. Being bored is not a option.

Baden-Baden, Germany

Top Casino Destinations in the WorldThis nearly 55 thousand people town in the southern west of Germany has one of the most fancy casinos in the world. Baden-Baden is considered a spa town and even in 19th century it was where the richest people from all over Europe would go to rest. There is only one casino in the town, but as Marlene Deitrich once said it’s “the best casino in the world. I would know – I’ve seen them all”. It’s also, where Fiodor Dostoyevski is believed to have written his novel “The Gambler” (he bet all his money and all he left the casino with was a gambling addiction). In Baden-Baden Casino you have to obey strict dress code, meaning absolutely no blue jeans, sneakers nor, heaven forbid, sandals. You also have to be over 18.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Top Casino Destinations in the WorldMonte Carlo is absolutely the place that could not be missed on this list. Warm mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches are an alluring addition to the excitements you can get. Monte Carlo is the host city of Formula One Monaco Grand Prix race (which you can place bets on) as well as the Grand Finale of the European Poker Tour. But don’t forget what you came here for… If you want to play among the richest and most famous of this world, you should definitely visit Grand Casino, which is the synonym of luxury and status. But if you feel like this isn’t the place for you, there are other, more liberal places, where you don’t have to put on a coat and a tie – a little more casual appearance is also welcomed.

Macau, China

Top Casino Destinations in the WorldLocated on the warm South China Sea this former Portuguese colony is one of the richest regions in Eastern Asia. And it has gambling to thank for. According to recent studies, about 15% of Macau citizens are employed in gambling industry. The city has 35 casinos and almost countless slot lounges, with Casino Lisboa being one of the most characteristic landmarks. Apart from that you can also enjoy horse racing and greyhound racing. Over 50% of tourist come to Macau from China (especially Shanghai), but other nationalities are welcome too. With some exceptions, tourist visas are not required.

Gambling is fun! The thrill of excitement as well as the disappointment of losing are what makes so many people love taking the risk. It most likely will not make you instantly rich, on contrary you might loose a hundred or two. But it will make you have a good time and let you feel entertained.

If you loose all your savings in one night, here’s a couple of ideas on how to earn money while traveling. If however you win a fortune, don’t forget to thank the blogger, you got the inspiration to gamble from. And most importantly, don’t forget to share.travel!

And in the meantime enjoy the slideshare deck we’ve dedicated entirely to the Casinos & Gambling Facts and Trivia



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