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In our recent post we've covered 5 amazing and highly popular Instagram Profiles. This time we give you five more top Instagram profiles to follow. The creative minds behind those are a great prove that even such a popular, flooded with banality, social network is full of precious gems. Some of those Instagramers are true to form mobile photographers. They use only their smartphones to come up with state of art composition, light and creative ideas to capture the moments. If you want to brush up your photography skills you can easily do so by downloading our free ebook with 12 Expert Lessons on Digital photography.

1. Christoffer Collin aka Wisslaren on Instagram

Wisslaren's Intagram Proflie top 5 instagrammers

Chris is from Karlskoga, Sweden. He is yet another talented Instagrame whose courageous approach proves that even central composition can be key to success.

Wisslaren's Instagram profile http://instagram.com/wisslaren

2. Daniel Taipale aka Dansmoe on Instagram

Dansmoe's Intagram Proflie

Daniel Taipale is an explorer based in Tampere, Finland who declares iPhone only photos can be found on his Instagram profile where we've found many true gems. He is a living proof that being brave pays of when it comes to composition and use of colors. 

Dansmoe's Instagram profile http://instagram.com/dansmoe

3. Simone Anne aka Simoneanne on Instagram

Simoneanna's Intagram Proflie

Simone Anne is a very talented wedding & editorial photographer & creative digital marketer. Based in Half Moon Bay, California she travels frequently documenting the journeys on Instagram.

Simoneanne's Instagram profile http://instagram.com/simone_anne

4. Savtekin Ozturk aka Diaphragm on Instagram

Diaphragm's Intagram Proflie top 5 instagrammers

Savtekin Ozturk is an aviator based in Istanbul. Just like other famous Instagramer based in Istanbul whose works we covers recently in this post, Savtekin Ozturk is a true to form artist whose precision and composition make his Instagram photos true gems.

Diaphragm's Instagram profile http://instagram.com/diaphragm

5. Samuel Taipale aka Eljackson on Instagram

Eljackson's Intagram Proflie top 5 instagrammers

The equally talented brother of Daniel Taipale is a brand ambassador and explorer based in Finland uses only iPhone to shot his amazing mesmerising landscapes you can admire on his Instagram profile.

Eljackson's Instagram profile http://instagram.com/eljackson

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