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When it comes to the weirdest hotels in the world, you can have your pick. In this list you won’t find Ice Hotels, because they have been talked about so often, they don’t surprise anyone anymore. But did you know there is a place where you can spend your night like a prisoner? Or dine with animals you can normally only see in an African savannah? Or sleep in an Indian teepee? Check out some of these freakishly designed hotels.



5 WEIRDEST HOTELS IN THE WORLDEver wanted to share your breakfast or dinner with a giraffe? In the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi it is possible. Built in 1930, this place was bought in 1974 by Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville. Since then they made it their goal to preserve an endangered species of Rothschild giraffe (Thanks to their efforts it’s population is constantly growing and now there are about 700 of them worldwide. It’s still in risk of extinction, but a series of actions have been taken to prevent it). The hotel has 10 en-suite rooms (with one room suitable for wheelchair users) and welcomes families with children. One of the biggest attractions is actually dining with the giraffes, who are clever enough to pop their heads into the restaurant and steal your dessert. You can take a tour in the giraffe sanctuary and learn more about this species. Besides, you can also visit the Elephant orphanage and even adopt a baby elephant. Prices in the Giraffe Manor start from $500 per person per night, but if you take your kids with you – they will love you for that amazing experience and will remember it forever!



5 WEIRDEST HOTELS IN THE WORLD“From the very first years of its existence, it was a place to break people’s lives and suppress their free will.” This is how Karosta hotel and museum is describing itself on their website. Built in the beginning of 20th century this property was initially supposed to serve as a Navy hospital, but became a military and political prison instead. Now, after almost 15 years from it’s closing, you can experience for yourself what it was like to be held in this facility. A facility that had the reputation of a prison with one of the toughest regimes in Eastern Europe. The place has no heating, mattresses are anything but comfortable, the personnel is hostile and there is no WiFi. What is more, the owners couldn’t care less. It’s everything we hate in a hotel and more (check out what are the most common hotel complaints), but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone, because the guests actually come here to get treated that way.



5 WEIRDEST HOTELS IN THE WORLDThe Free Spirit Spheres is an unusual place to rest. Spheres called Eve, Eryn and Melody are hanging on a system of ropes between the trees of a tall forest in west Canada. Every sphere has a diameter of 3,2m (10,6’’) and inside is just one room with a small flat floor. Since it’s attached to 3 trees, its swaying is really limited and the movement is the biggest when someone inside is changing positions. While staying in a sphere, you are given the chance to get closer to nature and find your inner peace. Despite appearances, accommodation is quite comfortable and showers and sauna are available for guests. There is no restaurant in the “hotel”, but there are a few of them in the neighbourhood. You can book a sphere all year long – it’s warm inside, even when it’s -20°C (-4°F) outside. And if you like it, you can order a sphere for yourself and hang it in your backyard.




5 WEIRDEST HOTELS IN THE WORLDIf you’re not into spheres, how about a wigwam? Built by the idea of architect Frank Redfort, this motel looks like a Plains Indians village. So instead of rooms and suites, there are fifteen teepees. But be get deceived by its looks. Units are fully equipped with all the modern equipment. There are comfortable beds, bathrooms, AC and cable TV in each unit. Nearby there is the historical Route 66, the Painted Desert, Indian reservations and a Meteor Crater. But the most important thing is that you would be able to say “I spent a night in a wigwam”.



5 WEIRDEST HOTELS IN THE WORLDAlthough it was supposed to look like a horseshoe, the journalists gave this new Sheraton Resort a different name: the“Doughnut Hotel”. And all because of it’s controversial design. It has 27 storeys (two of them underground) with 238 rooms, 44 suites and 39 villas. Guest rooms have all the conveniences you can think of – LCD flat screen TV, docking station for your iPhone, sunken bathtub and walk-in rainforest shower in the bathroom and much more. I bet you can even order yourself a doughnut or two.


Normal is boring. This is why this list includes only bizarre hotels. The cool thing is – you can book a room in each and every one of them right this second. And maybe you like to be scared? Here are the best haunted hotels in America. But if hotels are not enough, read about some of most freakish monuments there are. Who knows, maybe something you read about will be your next trip destination?

We loved researching these hotels and if you know of any others please share! We would love to add them to this list!