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Is it possible to always look good while traveling the world? Do you really have to look like a hobo to look like an adventurous traveler. Most of us beside exploring the world, meeting the unknown, want to come back home with nice pictures. Pictures of themselves in nice places. And some want to always look on those pictures.  It sounds a bit vain but that’s what all of us have inside. A little piece of vanity. We prefer to always look good while traveling the world because that automatically makes us a better companion, makes it easier to meet new people or simply to settle things on the road. Sounds ridiculous? Well just look how it works, people like pretty things and people like pretty people. Simple as that. You are well-groomed, you’re over the hump ;-)

Easier said than done? It’s easier than Level 1 of Angry Birds. Take it from me, after all, I’m <marttatheworstgameplayerinhistory> You simply have to follow those simple rules and you’ll not only be amazed by the wonders of this planet but you’ll stay the wonder yourself.

AVOID STRESS to always look while traveling
always look good while traveling
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“ Severe stress makes women age prematurely because stress causes the DNA in our cells to shrink until they can no longer replicate. So when we’re stressed we look haggard.” The Holiday

Guys, don’t get too excited, even if this particular quote refers to travelettes, stressed men look nothing better. But seriously how to avoid stress? Eliminate stress causing factors, et voila! So before you travel next time, do the following:

- pack wisely! And if you need a bit help on that why don’t you check out our recent post on how to pack wisely when traveling on a budget Once you get familiar with 9 golden rules presented there you’ll never ever let packing stress you out. And if you need a bit more help in a digital form, have a look on Packing Pro App reviewed here.

- don’t make your schedule too tight. It’s an absolute truth that you are not in power to control the universe. Things just happen and if there is nothing you can do about it the sooner you accept it, the better. There is no point of being stressed about things you can’t have an impact on.

- learn about countries you’re going to visits. Familiarize yourself with culture and laws. It’s extremely important to stay open-mined as Radek suggests in his recent post on avoiding difficult situations in foreign environments.

- choose your traveling crew based on how they can handle the budget journey far away from home, not on how much fun you’re having with them on a night out in your hometown



It’s not secret knowledge, but even knowing that do you get enough sleep? I bet not always. How do you look the next day? :) The picture you see in the mirror is nothing like the one from the cover of a magazine, huh? Lack of sleep is not only bad for you health (has been connected to higher rates of diabetes or heart diseases) but also cause dark circles under your eyes (what makes you look like a part of the Adams Family). But the most important thing is Sleep makes us better :) we have better mood, better problem-solving skills, better concentration, we are full of energy.

DRINK WATER to always look good while traveling

I’m not surprised Water is called The Elixir of Life. Check how many good things can you get just by drinking it:

- helps you to lose weight or at least keep your weight. When you’re constantly on the road sometimes it’s hard to exercise as much as you probably do (or should do) when you’re at home. There is no magic in water itselfs but for example when it becomes a substitute for sweetened drinks I see a benefit.

- water gives you energy. Well ok, that may not be entirely true. But dehydration makes you feel tired and of course you resolve it by drinking water :)

- flushes out toxins – that automatically makes you look better

KEEP YOUR CLOTHES COMFY BUT STYLISH to always look good while traveling

And yes, those two are inseparable. I don’t care how comfy your sandals are. If I catch you wearing it with SOCKS! I’ll find you and make you watch The Kardashians for the rest of your life! This rule needs a bit of earlier preparation, you need to think about it while you’re packing. Take it easy with colors. Every t-shirt you pack should look good with every pair of trousers/shorts/skirt you’re taking.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN to always look good while traveling

awlays look good while traveling
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Because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean your skin is. It works even harder than normally. It’s exposed to number of unfavourable factors: dry air on airplane, sun, dust and dirt, bacterias. What should you do to help your skin:

- moisturise it as often as it needs

- try to avoid alcohol on the aircraft, I know it may sound a little twisted but this particular liquid dehydrates your skin even more on the plane,  so you don’t want to look like a raisin when you land – drink water on the aircraft :)

- keep your hands off your face, you have no idea how many different bacterias are around you

- I know some of the travelettes can’t imagine a day without a full make-up, but I’m way more than sure that make-up melting on your face from the heat is not the result you want

- put some ice under your puffy eyes

EAT HEALTHY FOOD to always look good while traveling

This is not just a travelling rule. This is the rule for life. You are what you eat. If you eat garbage food that’s how you’re gonna feel like and no matter how many creams you put on you or how many hours of sleep you get this food will find the way to show the world what diet you’re on. You will see all those toxins coming out through your skin and you will feel sluggish. Your diet should be balanced, based on fruit, vegetable and water, everything else is a nice bonus. Slow food is the key. You’re on holiday, you don’t have to rush, take your time with meals.


always look good while traveling
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Or at least go for a long walk and find couple of minutes to do some stretch. Motivation is very hard to find, I know but you heard about endorphin, right? :) It’s your body’s natural happy drug :) I am highly addicted on this one. It’s really worth spending 30 minutes of your time, when as a return you get a whole day of energy and happiness :)


always look good while traveling
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Your body is a temple. Treat it that way. Listen to it. It will tell you everything. Your body will tell you exactly what you should you do, when to sleep, when to eat or even what to eat. It will do anything not to get harmed. So don’t harm it, give it whatever it needs.

SMILE and you will always look good while traveling

look good while traveling
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That’s the best thing you can wear :)

Now when you’re all looking so insanely good it’s time to choose your another destination! How about EVERYWHERE??? :)