5 Good Reasons to Stay More Open to Cultural Differences

How to Stay More Open-minded & Less Judgemental When Traveling Abroad

stay more open to cultural differences

We’ve got 5 good reasons to stay more open to cultural differences that make every country unique. After all it’s us who should adapt to another culture when we travel and not the other way round. We should open our minds to differences. See how you can actually benefit from staying more open to the things that initially leave you puzzled. Being open-minded is the only way we will learn something from other cultures. Isn’t it why we all started to travel in the first place?

Always Look Good While Traveling the World

Tips for Women & Men Who Travel

always look good while traveling

Is it possible to always look good while traveling the world? Do you really have to look like a hobo to look like an adventurous traveler. Most of us beside exploring the world, meeting the unknown, want to come back home with nice pictures. Pictures of themselves in nice places. And some want to always look on those pictures.  It sounds a bit vain but that’s what all of us have inside. A little piece of vanity. We prefer to always look good while traveling the world because that automatically makes us a better companion, makes it easier to meet new people or simply to settle things on the road. Sounds ridiculous? Well just look how it works, people like pretty things and people like pretty people. Simple as that. You are well-groomed, you’re over the hump ;-)

How to Make Money Traveling the World

Options for Those Who Want to Mix Business with Pleasure


Is it possible to make money traveling the world? If you ever asked yourself this question chances are you’ll be interested in some of my ideas.  I often wondered myself  what I should do to travel the world …for free. I figured there must be a way that I could make money not to travel to places on the road? You probably heard about people doing that, you might have also asked a question “Where the hell is Matt and why I am not travelling like him??”. Most of those people simply make their money online. But, there are also other ways to explore the world forever. And I’m gonna share those secrets with you.

4 good reasons to taste local food and stay away from Mcdonalds

Explore the world & taste the true adventure avoiding the obvious choices

Street food is so much better than McDonalds

When you travel abroad fast foods brands like McDonalds seem like a perfect option. They’re familiar, you don’t need to speak the language to get what you want and there is a high chance food is fresh even if not necessarily the healthiest. A choice of someone who is guided by common sense you could say. But every time you chose McDonalds over some local – no matter how strange – cuisine, you lose a chance to truly explore the place and it’s culture. After all, you can always have your Big Mac at home. When abroad try the local food – I found at least 4 good reasons to do so.

Why It Is Good to Stay Off the Crowded Routes

The art of discovering the hidden treasures

hidden treasure

What is the fun in visiting exact same places as everyone else? I get it, they are visited by so many people for some reason. It’s highly possible that they are amazing, worth seeing etc. But are they always? Or even usually? Or is it just us taking the easy way, choosing paths recommended by the “best” travel guides we could find. I know it may sound very critical, but for me travelling only by the travel guide is simply a lack of creativity and pure laziness. Why do I have the right to say so? Because that was what I used to do too. And I know the only effort I’ve made by then was to follow the road I was told to. Or even better – to follow the crowd. Follow and crowd in one sentence, could it be any worse? :) It’s not that visiting the World’s best known landmarks is a bad thing. They usually have their story to tell, they usually make you understand the country and its people better. But those crowded museums, monuments, plazas will not show you the real beauty of the place you’re visiting. This time instead of listed tips I will give you some case studies, because I think that will give you a better picture of the benefits of taking the road less travelled.

Dance styles you should check when travelling the world

I wanna dance with somebody – discovering the world from a dance perspective

dance and travel

It may be hard to believe but there are so many more dance styles around the world than Gangnam Style. Why should you care? Because for thousands of years dance had an amazing power to gather people, whether the reasons were religious, cultural or simply to entertain (yep, dance existed before So You Think You Got To Dance With The Stars TV Shows). Dance binds people from around the world, because when we dance we all speak the same language – the hidden language of our souls. It’s like a therapy that heals us from within and more importantly dance is not about what you’ve got – it’s about what you make of what you’ve got. Sounds familiar? Isn’t that what you say? Adventure is what you make make it? I think dancers and travellers have so much more in common than meets the eye. I even think that they do what they do for the same exact reason. To feel free. So imagine combining these two passions together to dance when travelling the world. Don’t know how about you but I’m in. Some of you may say, yeah but I’m not a dancer. I’m telling you, you are. Everybody is a dancer. We all have a heartbeat. We all have the rhythm inside.

You might have already noticed that I’m a huge fan of local and non-mainstream. (Oh gosh, I just sounded like a Hipster queen. But what can I say, they Take The Road Less Traveled too ;) Ok, I would probably burn in Hell for lying that I wouldn’t love to go to Cuba and dance Salsa for the rest of my life :) but what I would really love to do is to travel far-flung regions of the world and get closer with the culture by dancing their dance styles.

I did some research, spent hours watching videos on youtube and here’s what caught my heart. I’ll share with you my MUST DANCE list :)

How to Make Friends When Traveling Solo

Learning to improve your social skills on the road

friends forever

Do you think it’s normal not to like people? Not to like being around people? Yeah, I don’t think it’s normal. But it doesn’t stop me from escaping from them once in a while. Every couple of weeks I get that strong need of running away from the whole world. I go for a walk in the woods, go to the cinema very early in the morning or simply… travel solo. All that just to spend some time with myself, to clear my head, to breathe. I must admit I’ve never taken any long-term solo trips. But I had great pleasure meeting people who do that. And honestly my first thought was – I admire them, because I got it, spending time on your own is brilliant. I do that too, I love doing that for a day or two, a week maybe. But traveling solo for a year??? Seriously how interesting do you have to be to enjoy spending a year with yourself? Then the secret was revealed. They are never truly alone, they simply meet people and make friends on the road.

How to pack wisely when travelling on a budget

9 golden rules for modern-day nomads


Listicles is not something I usually write. God only knows why. Maybe because it sounds like testicles (not that I mind but to write about it? ;-) Back to the subject, though – listicles, right. Don’t think I would find it hard to tell you a story about packing for a budget trip. I could even tell you my own story and how lousy at packing I used to be. My first backpacking trip – 20 kg luggage for three weeks. Next trip – 8 kg luggage for three weeks (!!!). But would my storytelling do any good? Doubt it. It would probably show you that it’s possible to pack light and still have everything you need. So let’s do this. Let’s make a list. Let’s make our journey pleasant before it even begins.

Pay as you weigh – Samoa Air cruel intentions?

New airline policies scrutinised


When traveling by plane people’s great concern is always excess baggage. Although you know you can somehow sort this out, get rid of some stuff, repack, because it’s just baggage you carry with you. What if someone came up with the idea to charge you for a baggage you carry ON you? What then? Trust me on this one, I’ve tried every possible magic trick to lose weight in the twinkling of an eye. Not possible.

10 places you MUST visit on your USA Spring Break.

ultimate destinations for the spring break lovers

spring break

Somehow I have a strong feeling that after this year’s too long and too cold winter most of us are waiting for spring like a kid for a Christmas present. Spring break seems like the perfect time to charge our batteries. Let me show you some places you MUST visit.