5 Top Casino Destinations in the World

Take a Gamble at the Most Luxurious Casinos in the World

Top Casino Destinations in the World

This time we give you top casino destinations in the world. After all traveling is a bit of a gambling itsef. Even if you are not exploring any casino destinations you might sometimes feel like you've bet the wrong horse. If you’re looking for top casino destinations it is probably because where you live gambling is illegal or restricted or simply… not that much fun. Like any other behaviour, that is highly addictive, gambling is a controversial topic. But if you want to have some fun, there are places, where you can put on your sunday best and allow yourself feel like Daniel Craig/James Bond in “Casino Royale”. Even if just for a little while. Check out the most attractive casino destinations.

10 Tips for Releasing Stress and Anxiety From Traveling

10 Traveler’s Biggest Worries and How to Avoid Them

releasing stress and anxiety

We've already proved to you that traveling is good for you, right? It can boost your mental health, it helps you stay healthy and let's you stay open-minded. You probably also know by now that traveling has the ability to trigger all 5 factors for happiness. Traveling is pure fun. But worrying about things that can or could happen when traveling, isn't. All those "what if's…" can turn your dream adventure into a nightmare…but only if you succumb to them. That is why it is important to detach stress and anxiety from traveling. The best way to release stress and anxiety from just about anything is to rationalise it. How come something that’s supposed to make you feel relaxed and happy can also make you so stressed? Because it leaves a lot of things uncertain and that causes stress to build up. I’ve dug up some of the travelers biggest causes of stress and ways to release it. Learn 10 good ways for releasing stress and anxiety before it spoils your dream.

10 Even More Inspiring TED Travel Talks

Let Yourself Get Inspired One More Time and Hit the Road

TED travel talks


Apparently you love inspiring TED travel talks as much as I do. The popularity of our previous post about TED travel talks got me nomen-omen inspired to dig out some more travel-oriented ideas worth spreading. Here’s 10 even more inspiring TED travel talks to all of us. We’ve chosen the carefully to get you inspired, to allow you to discover the unknown and to show you how others view travelling. Watch all ten to feel the amazing energy and be inspired. Traveling is onbiously not about talking the talk but walking the walk but either way the words of the 10 amazing TED presenters are true source of wisdom, open-mindness and inspiration.


Why is Traveling Natural for Humans

Your Urge to Travel Is Not Accidental

make each day special

Is traveling natural for mankind? Scientist all over the world have been asking themselves that exact question for a long time now. Because there must be a bigger, more universal reason why men and women of all ages are willing to put themselves through a long and often uncomfortable journey. A journey, during which they spend quite some time in a place they don’t know, surrounded by strangers, who probably are tough to communicate with. A journey during which they will probably spend twice as much money, as they would back at home. So why on Earth would they (we) do that?


A Little Piece on Collectors as well as the Ways to Document Journeys

save travel

I have a box. It’s on the top of my closet. You wanna know what’s inside? There are a lot of souvenirs from my trips: tickets to museums, city maps, guidebooks, kitschy porcelain figurines – you name it – I have it all. When I tried to get rid of some of that stuff I couldn’t. Instead, I spent couple of hours reminiscing over the trips I had. This is when I noticed two things. A) People like to collect things. B) Souvenirs have a huge power. Here’s my insight on collecting (10 reasons I could find) and the ways to preserve travel memories.


What to Eat While Camping Outside of the City

save travel

Camping food ideas may not come to you as easily as you would like. When you’re desperate to eat something, and there is no place close enough for delivery, there is only one way to handle the situation: you have to cook something yourself. So in order for you to be prepared for an event like that, here are the most important qualities of camping food and some ideas on dishes you can easily cook while out of the city.

The Top 6 Ghost Towns in Europe

Abandoned Places That Will Scare & Amaze You

ghost towns in europe

I’d like to present to you TOP 6 Ghost Towns in Europe. This entry was partially inspired by the recent bankruptcy of one of the biggest US cities – Detroit. Much like Detroit, European Ghost Towns were once full of life. And then something happened that lead to people fleeing from out there. Like an economical crisis, or a natural disaster, or war… So now those places are abandoned and everything people build over the years is just standing there and decaying. The best, most famous example of a Ghost Town in Europe is Pompeii, where the volcano eruption killed the whole village and basically stopped time there or centuries. And here are a couple of other deserted places you have to see.

How to Travel Europe by Train and Have Fun

Tips and Warnings about European Railway Networks and the Eurail Pass

travel Europe by train

It’s good to know how to travel Europe by train. In my opinion, this way of travelling is one of the most fun and rewarding. And trains themselves have something cool in them, don’t you think? If you’re planning on visiting Europe and you’re considering traveling by trains, read this article! You will learn about the diversity of european railways and get some info on High Speed Railways. You will also find out why night trains are comfortable and how much does traveling by train in Europe cost. Here are the tips and warnings about European Railway Networks.


ABC of Culinary Tourism and the Most Attractive Food Trip Destinations

italian food travel guide

Food tourism has been growing stronger and stronger for over a decade now. Travelers all over the world finally noticed, that when they are talking about the trip they’d just had, they always mentioned two things – weather and food. According to World Tourism Organization, in 2012 in Europe alone food and drinks were the main reason of 600.000 travels and a secondary reason to over 20 million trips each year! It’s as if almost every citizen of Australia traveled to eat and drink! The scale is impressive! So here’s what you need to know about food tourism.


10 Drinks You Have to Try to Celebrate the City You Traveled to

Taste the Local Alcohol and Feel the Spirit of the Place Like a Local

drinks you have to taste

There are some drinks you have to try when you travel to a foreign place. When it comes to drinks worth tasting to celebrate the place you travelled to, the list can go on and on. Because almost every place has it’s local drink, that the citizens are extremely proud of. This is why choosing only 10 beverages you should to try while abroad was not an easy task. If it’s possible, I always pick diversity, and this time it was actually the best rule of all. So that whenever you feel like becoming a local for a little while, you know what to order.