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Modern day nomads are those who cherish freedom. As a concept freedom is one of those things that is hard to explain, but it’s easy to notice once you loose it. And even though our world is a great place, modern civilisation is full of traps that restrict our freedom. The career choices we make, the routines we fall into, the consumption that eventually consumes us… The path of a modern day nomad is not an easy one, but it surely is an inspiring one. And it does make the concept of freedom a lot more easy to understand.

But how do you become an independent modern day nomad? You just need to follow these simple steps. It all starts in your head. You first need to feel the urge. Modern day nomadism is not for everyone. It not only takes courage, it means you are going to give up some things as well. Some things you might have grown very accustomed to. As much as we advocate the idea, we realise it is less than perfect for some. That is alright, too. Traveling means staying true to yourself. And making your own choices. Here are some tips for those who choose to become modern day nomads. 


First You Need to Create A Plan


Dreaming is great but it's best to turn dreams into objectives. How? Well simply by putting them on a list and scheduling them. If you need time to prepare yourself to leave your comfortable lifestyle behind and hit the road, schedule this time. Make sure to set the details. Becoming a modern day nomad can be like a project. And like every good project it should be divided into manageable tasks. If you’re independent without a plan, you’re not independent – you’re actually just blind to how dependent you actually are. Get yourself a plan, and make it a good one. Sticking to your own plan is how you avoid following or obstructing others. Decide on the due date and make your dreams come true.


Then Stick to the Plan


A plan is just a plan. An idea is just an idea. What makes them powerful is making them come to life. How? By sticking to them and forming habits that help you meet your objectives. Turn those plans into habits by making a conscious effort to continue following them. Don't be easy on yourself. Stop procrastinating, stop cheating yourself. Make a conscious effort to follow through with your plan. This time you’re one step closer to making it a habit. Habits are much easier to follow, as they’re ingrained in your very nature. You become unconsciously drawn to these actions to the point that it actually takes effort to stop. This is when you know you have made it.


Remember to Make Decisions


Once you choose the life of a modern day nomad you become your own boss. You will need to make decisions as no one else will make them for you. Freedom comes with a price. For every modern day nomad it’s vital to exercise freedom. How? By making decisions as you go along. Deciding is the easiest way to exercise your freedoms. By deciding on where you want to go next, who you want to work with and how you want to handle things, you’re creating your path, your way. Start deciding what you want and learn to get it. Freedom lies in being bold so decide and stay free.


Learn Who You Want to Be


As a modern day nomad you need to establish your niche, your own brand that will make others trust you and allow you to continue with your own lifestyle. Remember you are never isolated. You’re always in a world surrounded by other people, and it’s important to be open minded and true to yourself. Learn where you really fit in and play your cards to the best of your ability.


Take Chances As You Go Along


Deciding is one thing, taking chances is quite the other. As a matter of fact, taking chances is the only way you can survive independently. There will come times when taking a risk will be your way to survive. Even if you have the best plans in the world, there will always be someone ready, willing and able to stop you. When these risks pay off, you’ll be a success, and if they fail, you at least have a great story and you will learn from your mistakes. Getting lost, making mistakes and learning from it all is one of the best things about being independent and being free. At least they are your mistakes and you are proud to be making them.


Stay True to Yourself And Think Independently


You have chosen the fascinating life but certainly not an easy one. Freedom comes with a price tag to it. You will have to find ways to survive in different environments, you will have to find ways to manage yourself and decide on options as you will have no boss, no manager to decide for you. But that is not much to pay for when living your dream to the fullest is the reward and leading a meaningful life is what you get in return.

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Photo By Danka Peter