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When travelling we feel tempted to capture the beauty of all that we see. Surely nothing can truly represent the very feeling of seeing the world with our own eyes, yet with modern technology it becomes easier to bring back home a piece of heaven we experience when traveling.

To share our travel memories with friends and loved ones we need something to refer back to – pictures do a great job here. Yet when you want to take great pictures you  kind of feel obliged to take your great (in size, too) professional camera or else you feel a bit awkward admitting that the pictures everyone admires were actually taken with your iPhone or other smartphone. But should you really feel somewhat inferior to those who still value old-school methods over the undisputed comfort of taking great pictures with your phone? Not necessarily.

As a matter of fact, if you go beyond the native camera application on your smartphone  you might be quite surprised – some apps out there are not only fun to use, but they pretty much rock when it comes to adding that extra something to your pics. To prove our point we’ve prepared a selection of the best photography based apps out there, some free and some for a small premium.


Instagram interface

Instagram, the photo-sharing tool that made headlines, as the reason people start blurring their photos during a time of high-definition TVs and 3D movies, has captured the hearts of millions. It is one of the most popular and also one of the most despised apps ever. Some claim it has totally ridiculed the art of photography others simply enjoy adding filters to whatever picture of their mocca latte take.


snapseed interface

Snapseed offers an original and comprehensive set of tools and stands out for its functionality and intuitive handling of photos. More advanced than Instagram, Snapseed is a new generation of photography software that inspires everyone, everywhere to enjoy photography. High quality results are now fast, easy, and fun. One can even argue that Snapseed offers true ‘photographic’ choice of image effects color, toning, framing and sharpness of images, plus all effects can be combined. Actually, Snapseed makes Instagram look like you came to the party with your kids’ Fisher Price toy camera. With this free app you can adjust, tweak, center (and god knows what else) your photos with your fingertips, and share all your art via email and all major social networks.


vine app interface

Vine is a mobile app that enables its users to create and post video clips. Video clips created with Vine have a maximum length of 6 seconds and can be shared or embedded on social networking services such as Twitter—which acquired the app in October 2012—and Facebook. Vine calls itself “the best way to see and share life in motion. Not quite a video, not quite a YouTube clip either, this app let’s you upload unlimited amounts of clips and loop it around and around.


vsco-cam interface

Apart from an original camera app there are plenty of camera options for your iPhone at this point.VSCO Cam, however, is convinced it is offering something you cannot get anywhere else, and it may well be right. Not only does its beautifully simple design let you create imagery, upload it and send to others. The app uses unique processing technology that produces some good looking pictures in styles you wouldn’t otherwise get on a phone camera. There are also basic editing tools and filters that are designed to “compliment, not define” your photo, and you can export photos at full resolution. It’s an app all about making your photos better. And its sleek design and minimal processors allow you to work quickly and efficiently. An absolute champion.


stilla app interface


With the Stilla App from design studio Maybe It’s the Lightening it’s really difficult to describe the final product in words. Actually describing it doesn’t really do it justice. When you take a photo with Stilla you take as many as it… well… takes. The app then puts them together in a really cool, interactive, three dimensional image that hopefully captured everything you wanted to capture about that moment. And the results are stunning, sometimes unexpected – always sprinkled with a bit of magic.

Camera Noir


Taking black and white photos with your iPhone sounds simple enough – everyone knows you can simply add a filter with every other app and get that B&W masterpiece. Not quite so, as getting that perfect look can actually be incredibly challenging. Challenging, that is, unless you have a brilliant app called Camera Noir. This deceptively simple app is designed specifically for taking black and white shots, with three brightness adjustments, square crop marks for the Instagram lovers, a horizon line that turns green when you’re leve. It comes with the ability to import prior photos, and the ability to share your new B&W masterpieces to Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. You will be amazed.




And yet another Instagram-like relative – The PicLab app. In a nutshell, this free iOS app lets you easily add typography to your pictures. It also allows to masks and add other effects to your photos and share them across the social sphere. PicLab won’t take you long to figure out. You can snap a photo there and then, or pull content in from your camera roll. With your desired base-picture in place, you then double-tap the screen to edit the text. Simple as that – whenever you feel inspired to add some amazing quote to your even more amazing picture, you’ll do it in no time.

Photo apps can be fun – the only thing we should keep in mind that when travelling it is worth experiencing the world with all our senses and not spending time occupied with choosing yet another filter to our picture.