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Why Argentina Can Still Consider Itself Lucky

Even Though Germany Has Won Copa Mundial

Lucky Argentina

Argentina has been in a bit of despair for the past couple of days. They have lost to Germany. Emotions were great and so was the despair. In a true lation way the nation mourned the defeat. As much as I totally understand them, there's one thing I still need to say. Argentinians! Consider yourself lucky anyway. You may not have won this game but you have won so much more – your amazing country. Not that Germany is hidious or anything. But if I had to choose honestly, I would definitely rather spend my next journey in the land of gauchos than in the land of currywurst.

5 Top Casino Destinations in the World

Take a Gamble at the Most Luxurious Casinos in the World

Top Casino Destinations in the World

This time we give you top casino destinations in the world. After all traveling is a bit of a gambling itsef. Even if you are not exploring any casino destinations you might sometimes feel like you've bet the wrong horse. If you’re looking for top casino destinations it is probably because where you live gambling is illegal or restricted or simply… not that much fun. Like any other behaviour, that is highly addictive, gambling is a controversial topic. But if you want to have some fun, there are places, where you can put on your sunday best and allow yourself feel like Daniel Craig/James Bond in “Casino Royale”. Even if just for a little while. Check out the most attractive casino destinations.

10 Top Travel Destinations Rediscovered

Amazing Travel Destinations As Seen By Travel World Passport Heroes

top travel destinations

The map is not a territory – that is a phrase I use often to explain that the way we perceive and interpret things differ greately even when we view the very same object or phenomena. I think it is exactly the same when we talk of travel destinations. A map is only an interpretation of the territory, the land. The very same place seen by the eyes of two travelers can result in two very different stories. Stories that are later saved and shared. I took time to look at the very popular and less obvious travel destinations Travel World Passport members saved in our framework. And I found out that their perspective is very unique, sometimes surprising and always inspiring. That is why I chose 10 Top Travel Destinations and came up with a deck to inspire you and make you realise that no two travel stories are the same. And that is the beauty of it all. 

The Top 6 Ghost Towns in Europe

Abandoned Places That Will Scare & Amaze You

ghost towns in europe

I’d like to present to you TOP 6 Ghost Towns in Europe. This entry was partially inspired by the recent bankruptcy of one of the biggest US cities – Detroit. Much like Detroit, European Ghost Towns were once full of life. And then something happened that lead to people fleeing from out there. Like an economical crisis, or a natural disaster, or war… So now those places are abandoned and everything people build over the years is just standing there and decaying. The best, most famous example of a Ghost Town in Europe is Pompeii, where the volcano eruption killed the whole village and basically stopped time there or centuries. And here are a couple of other deserted places you have to see.


9 Perfect Gay Vacation Spots and One That Isn’t Safe Anymore


As the title says, this text is all about iconic gay travel destinations. I have gathered together places that are the most gay-friendly and have a lot to offer to gay and lesbian tourists. Cities with the best gay nightclubs, bars, restaurants and bathhouses. Locations where it is safe to openly display your affections on the streets and the beaches. I’m also mentioning one city that at the moment due to political issues isn’t as safe as it used to be, but still can attract LGBT tourists. If you’re planning your vacation, this text will help you decide where to go on your next “Big Hot Gay Travel”.


Accommodation Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen


When it comes to the weirdest hotels in the world, you can have your pick. In this list you won’t find Ice Hotels, because they have been talked about so often, they don’t surprise anyone anymore. But did you know there is a place where you can spend your night like a prisoner? Or dine with animals you can normally only see in an African savannah? Or sleep in an Indian teepee? Check out some of these freakishly designed hotels.

10 Holiest Sites in the World People Pilgrim to

Destinations for Those Who Have Faith & Seek Spirituality

holiest sites in the world

I’ve put together a list of 10 holiest sites in the world. It turns out there’s much more to pilgrimage than just faith. Religious tourism brings about $10 billion to just American traveling industry, not to mention other countries. Having that in mind I collected the list of most popular places of cult for tourism (one for each billion :D ). Take a look at 10 holiest sites in the world worth visiting.


Book Yourself a Room with a Ghost

the shining jack nicolson

Do you like horror movies? Do you take pleasure in being scared to death and disgusted with all the blood and guts everywhere? Are you interested in paranormal activity? If yes, I might have a treat for you – I’ve researched some of the spookiest haunted hotels in the US, so that you can visit them if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Check out which haunted hotels will give you the creeps, and which Bed and Breakfast will scare the sh*t out of you.

The Maldives – Endangered Ocean Jewels

Top Ten Places to See Before They're Gone

Maldives the endangered islands on the Indian Ocean
For the past few days we’ve been writing about places on the face of this Earth that might disappear before we all get a chance to see their beauty. We’ve started with Galapagos Islands. We took on some wonders like Taj Mahal and went far north to Glacier National Park. Ironically most of those places will disappear because so many want to see their beauty. We hope you enjoy the list of Top Ten Places to See Before They’re Gone as we continue with one of worlds most amazing places – the Maldives.

The Dead Sea – The Salty Treasure to Check Out

Top Ten Places to See Before They're Gone

The Dead Sea Israel

There are places on the face of this Earth that might disappear before we all get a chance to see their beauty. Ironically most of those places will disappear because so many want to see their beauty. We hope you enjoy the list of Top Ten Places to See Before They’re Gone as we continue with a salty treasure from the Middle East – The Dead Sea.