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10 Even More Inspiring TED Travel Talks

Let Yourself Get Inspired One More Time and Hit the Road

TED travel talks


Apparently you love inspiring TED travel talks as much as I do. The popularity of our previous post about TED travel talks got me nomen-omen inspired to dig out some more travel-oriented ideas worth spreading. Here’s 10 even more inspiring TED travel talks to all of us. We’ve chosen the carefully to get you inspired, to allow you to discover the unknown and to show you how others view travelling. Watch all ten to feel the amazing energy and be inspired. Traveling is onbiously not about talking the talk but walking the walk but either way the words of the 10 amazing TED presenters are true source of wisdom, open-mindness and inspiration.


Why is Traveling Natural for Humans

Your Urge to Travel Is Not Accidental

make each day special

Is traveling natural for mankind? Scientist all over the world have been asking themselves that exact question for a long time now. Because there must be a bigger, more universal reason why men and women of all ages are willing to put themselves through a long and often uncomfortable journey. A journey, during which they spend quite some time in a place they don’t know, surrounded by strangers, who probably are tough to communicate with. A journey during which they will probably spend twice as much money, as they would back at home. So why on Earth would they (we) do that?

What Do You Learn About Yourself When You Travel

Take the Most Accurate Psychological Test Mankind has Ever Invented

what do you learn about yourself when you travel

We all learn when we travel, but what do you learn about yourself when you travel. A lot! There is a saying, that if you want to test if someone is your best friend or just an acquaintance, go on a trip with them. Because traveling is the best way to check out person’s qualities. But what this saying neglects to stress is that it’s actually a good way to test yourself as well. I found a couple of things one can learn about him- or herself while traveling.

5 Good Reasons to Stay More Open to Cultural Differences

How to Stay More Open-minded & Less Judgemental When Traveling Abroad

stay more open to cultural differences

We’ve got 5 good reasons to stay more open to cultural differences that make every country unique. After all it’s us who should adapt to another culture when we travel and not the other way round. We should open our minds to differences. See how you can actually benefit from staying more open to the things that initially leave you puzzled. Being open-minded is the only way we will learn something from other cultures. Isn’t it why we all started to travel in the first place?

Vacations Are Good for Your Health

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Taking Time Off

vacations are good for your health

There’s growing evidence that vacations are good for your health. Taking time off to travel is for most of us a form of reward for the hard work, stress and commitment to our daily routines. We all realise how vital it is to recharge our batteries and break out of the 9 to 5 hedonistic treadmill. But vacations are not simply a luxury – a way of rewarding ourselves for hours spend at work. There is increasing evidence that they really are good for your health. I’ve already tackled the subject of the impact traveling can have on your mental health and creativity levels, but there are studies that prove that traveling and taking time off is good for many other aspects of your health.

How Traveling the World Changed Over the Years

The Guidelines on How to Travel The World Today

traveling the world

Traveling the world changed over the years.  What used to take years now takes days only. One thing remains – traveling the world is in our nature. We all have travelers DNA. We dream to travel the world, to see different continents, to visit exotic places… Who as a child didn’t want to take a trip like Phileas Fogg form Jules Verne’s book? I did! As a matter of fact, I still do. Let me tell you some of the most important things about the history of around the world travels and a description of how to travel around the world in modern days.

Women Traveling the World on Their Own

Lessons from Those Who Dare to Choose the Road Less Travelled.

Top Destinations in the world

Women traveling the world on their own still raise a few eyebrows. When we think of adventurers and explorers we tend to think of men – bearded and grim – setting out in search of new lands or excitement. However, history is full of women who have bucked the trend of staying at home and explored the world their way. But it is not only the past that is full of brave solo female travellers. Nowadays, more and more women travel the world solo and discover their true self in the process. All these women are extraordinary characters. They may have different motivations behind their solo travels, but they all prove that when it comes to travelling solo they are as brave as any other man would be. They are a great inspiration for us all.

Why It Is Good to Stay Off the Crowded Routes

The art of discovering the hidden treasures

hidden treasure

What is the fun in visiting exact same places as everyone else? I get it, they are visited by so many people for some reason. It’s highly possible that they are amazing, worth seeing etc. But are they always? Or even usually? Or is it just us taking the easy way, choosing paths recommended by the “best” travel guides we could find. I know it may sound very critical, but for me travelling only by the travel guide is simply a lack of creativity and pure laziness. Why do I have the right to say so? Because that was what I used to do too. And I know the only effort I’ve made by then was to follow the road I was told to. Or even better – to follow the crowd. Follow and crowd in one sentence, could it be any worse? :) It’s not that visiting the World’s best known landmarks is a bad thing. They usually have their story to tell, they usually make you understand the country and its people better. But those crowded museums, monuments, plazas will not show you the real beauty of the place you’re visiting. This time instead of listed tips I will give you some case studies, because I think that will give you a better picture of the benefits of taking the road less travelled.

Dance styles you should check when travelling the world

I wanna dance with somebody – discovering the world from a dance perspective

dance and travel

It may be hard to believe but there are so many more dance styles around the world than Gangnam Style. Why should you care? Because for thousands of years dance had an amazing power to gather people, whether the reasons were religious, cultural or simply to entertain (yep, dance existed before So You Think You Got To Dance With The Stars TV Shows). Dance binds people from around the world, because when we dance we all speak the same language – the hidden language of our souls. It’s like a therapy that heals us from within and more importantly dance is not about what you’ve got – it’s about what you make of what you’ve got. Sounds familiar? Isn’t that what you say? Adventure is what you make make it? I think dancers and travellers have so much more in common than meets the eye. I even think that they do what they do for the same exact reason. To feel free. So imagine combining these two passions together to dance when travelling the world. Don’t know how about you but I’m in. Some of you may say, yeah but I’m not a dancer. I’m telling you, you are. Everybody is a dancer. We all have a heartbeat. We all have the rhythm inside.

You might have already noticed that I’m a huge fan of local and non-mainstream. (Oh gosh, I just sounded like a Hipster queen. But what can I say, they Take The Road Less Traveled too ;) Ok, I would probably burn in Hell for lying that I wouldn’t love to go to Cuba and dance Salsa for the rest of my life :) but what I would really love to do is to travel far-flung regions of the world and get closer with the culture by dancing their dance styles.

I did some research, spent hours watching videos on youtube and here’s what caught my heart. I’ll share with you my MUST DANCE list :)

Why Kids Should Travel – Facts for Parents who Love to Travel

Benefits of allowing your kids to see the world

Young Asian Boy

I’m not a parent. I don’t pretend to be an expert on raising kids. I haven’t graduated from psychology or pedagogy. But, believe it or not, I was a kid once (true story). And whenever it was possible, my parents gave me the opportunity to travel. What is more, I am benefiting from those trips in an adult life. Here’s what I learned thanks to traveling.