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How to Get Lost and Always Find the Way Back with TeleportMe App

Teleport Me App Review for Travelers

find way back

A Travel World Passport we always tell you how good it is to get lost. But now we’ve finally found one trick how to always find the way back when you want to. It’s as effective as the mythical Ariadne’s thread, that will help you find the way back when lost in a modern labyrinth of metropolis, charming narrow streets of Tuscany or any other place on earth that your smartphone works at. It’s an app and it’s called accordingly TeleportMe.

15 Clever Apps That Help You Plan Your Journey in No Time

Whenever packing, planning & flight tracking seem a bit of a downer

clever mobile apps that help you travel

Finally best apps that help you plan journey in no time reviewed. You know that travelling is great but planning the travel may seem a bit of downer when it comes to becoming the explorer. When you feel like organising and planning is too much you should check out the apps that may come handy

5 First Aid Apps for Safe Travels

best selection of tech that comes handy in case of emergency

extreme travel by jeep

Whether you are a hardcore explorer or more of a relaxed type of a traveller every new journey, apart from spectacular memories, brings a whole hoard of potential emergency situations – from extreme weather to cuts and bruises.  Here’s our selection of five top first aid apps you should have on your smartphone. In case anything goes wrong, you’re definitely better off safe than sorry.

10 Free Road Trip Apps for a Great Road Adventure

Road trip made smooth with help of mobile technology

Road trip in Colorado

Oh how I love road trips! I was never the one to stay in one (even most amazing place). I get easily bored and my travel ADHD can be channelled only when I am constantly moving. But I have to admit that out of all the possible summer vacations, road trips stand a high a chance to go wrong as soon as they begin. What you envision as an amazing character-building trip with friends or family discovering the world turns into a nightmare. So to avoid some of the horrors you might want to try some of those apps. They make your road trip roll smoothly, and can keep your family from attacking each other at the next truck stop.

11 great apps that help you explore as you travel

The tech for every traveller

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Travelling is exploring. We all have our more or less refined ways of exploring the world around us. Some love to have everything organised, some dread the idea of a trip with a strict agenda. Let’s face it though – it’s best to travel your own way and that includes using tech gadgets and apps. We have chosen 11 great apps that could actually come handy even if getting lost is something you dream of.

4 Ways to Protect Your Tech When Travelling

A solid piece of advice for tech enthusiasts

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I love to travel and I love my tech. And frankly odds are I want to take my gadgets everywhere. If you are at least half the tech-lover I am chances are this post is for you. The facts are that while you may love the pool and the beach, your cellphone does not. All you have to do is protect your tech by showing it a little summer lovin’ and keep it safe with these four basic tips.

5 Amazing Apps to Help you Communicate When You Travel

How technology helps us understand and be understood

an analogue telephone on the wall

When you travel abroad you might find yourself trapped in a place where people do not actually speak your language. As trivial as it seems knowledge of foreign languages comes in handy when you are out there exploring the world. Let’s face it though – we are not all that talented and juggling the range of languages from Mandarin to Hindu might not come to us all with the same ease. And since not the whole world apparently speaks English I have selected a few apps for your smartphone that will help you with your linguistic struggles. Apps also help us stay in touch with the people who luckly speak our language. Tech is not all that bad.

Best photo apps for travellers

the subjective review of smartphone applications

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When travelling we feel tempted to capture the beauty of all that we see. Surely nothing can truly represent the very feeling of seeing the world with our own eyes, yet with modern technology it becomes easier to bring back home a piece of heaven we experience when traveling.