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One Food You Must Try When Traveling Around the Globe

The Ultimate Guide to Worlds Finest and Unforgettable Tastes

one food you must try

One food you must try when traveling to… any given country in the world. I'm pretty sure everyone can name that one dish that tastes undeniably the best right where it comes from. Where the ingredients are local, where the food and recipe is rooted in history, local traditions and cherished by generations that keep it the way it was intended to be. We want to give you a list of each and every one food you must try when traveling to different parts of our globe. This one food you must try list in by no means complete, it is neither objective or extremaly professionally selected. This one food you must try list is an honest one – it is based on our experiences, on the blogs we follow and love and it is a genuine attempt to start a larger list. The list that would be completed by you, the people who travel the world, explore it and taste it. 


The Every Foodie Italian Food Travel Guide

Fall in love with all the food from most distinct Italian regions

italian food travel guide

There are places every foodie traveler has to visit. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that we start our new series with the Italian Food Travel Guide. The first part of the immensely popular triptych Eat, Pray and Love by Elisabeth Gilbert takes place in Rome. It is the part quite adequately called EAT. And I must say I am not that much surprised the author chose Italy to feed the tortured should of the main protagonist with… Italian food. I am also not surprised why so many foodie travellers consider Italy the ultimate foodie travel destination. Italian food is the perfect balm that soothes your soul, makes you happy and as a matter of fact, it is quite healthy. But Italian food is not just about nutrition. It is about celebrating it, making it a social event, devouring it. So what are the best places and foods to try for every food traveler in Italy? There are many – each region has it's specific allure, from peasant and rather simple (yet still delicious) goodies in Sicily to glorious feasts in Rome. From the most amazing pizzas in Napoli, to more refined tastes of the north. One thing all those delicious foods have in common is that they are all amazing, all very much use the local ingredients and all can be finished with a delicious and sensual cup of espresso.

What Does Food Culture and Society Have in Common

How to Understand Culture and Others When Traveling the World

food culture and society

Food culture and society have a lot in common. Food is a necessity. Evolutionary speaking the abundance or lack of it marked our chances for survival. That is why our limbic system reacts so well to any visual representation of food. Including the steak you see behind. But food is not just pure biological need. Food is culture. The way we eat, the way we engage in social activities while preparing and eating food, the habits, customs and even the superstitions that surround it make us who we are. Getting to know one man’s food is learning a lot about him. At Travel World Passport we love to explore the world from any angle possible. And food is one of the fun ways to discover the truth about any given country you decide to visit.


ABC of Culinary Tourism and the Most Attractive Food Trip Destinations

italian food travel guide

Food tourism has been growing stronger and stronger for over a decade now. Travelers all over the world finally noticed, that when they are talking about the trip they’d just had, they always mentioned two things – weather and food. According to World Tourism Organization, in 2012 in Europe alone food and drinks were the main reason of 600.000 travels and a secondary reason to over 20 million trips each year! It’s as if almost every citizen of Australia traveled to eat and drink! The scale is impressive! So here’s what you need to know about food tourism.


3 Important Things You Need to Know about Food and Travel

Our Slideshare Decs Collection with Useful Information for Modern Day Nomads

reasons to travel the world

When it comes to traveling there are many things you need to know. But amongst those there are important things you need to know about food. Yes! The bare necessities of alimentary products become so much more than nutrition. Food and travel go well together as long as you’re prepared well enough. We’ve got 3 great presentations that include most important things you need to know about food and travel. Take a look!

10 Drinks You Have to Try to Celebrate the City You Traveled to

Taste the Local Alcohol and Feel the Spirit of the Place Like a Local

drinks you have to taste

There are some drinks you have to try when you travel to a foreign place. When it comes to drinks worth tasting to celebrate the place you travelled to, the list can go on and on. Because almost every place has it’s local drink, that the citizens are extremely proud of. This is why choosing only 10 beverages you should to try while abroad was not an easy task. If it’s possible, I always pick diversity, and this time it was actually the best rule of all. So that whenever you feel like becoming a local for a little while, you know what to order.

Drinking Customs Around the World

How to Drink Your Liquor with Locals and Make no Faux Pas

drinking customs around the world

Drinking customs around the world are very diversified. In every culture there are not only local liquors, but also drinking customs that can seem very strange. Alcohol, like food, is an invaluable part of every nation’s culture.   So before trying to drink with folks of other nationalities, read about HOW to drink liquor and avoid faux pas in different parts of the world. You will find out that you don’t know how to drink tequila after all. You will learn why the Czechs don’t approach the bartender in a pub, what is the reason that Hungarians don’t clink glasses while raising a toast, and how to enjoy vodka with Russians.


Tastes of everyday rush, right from the street cart


When in a big city, you always notice the rush people are in. And since they’re constantly in undertime, they often eat things that are fast to prepare and can be bought on the run. This is how street-side food got so extremely popular. I give you a review of “street dishes” you have to try in different capitals of the world.