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How to Use Your Pictures to Boost Your Visual Content Strategy

5 Things Every Blogger Can Do with Their Spectacular Pictures

visual content strategy

Having a visual content strategy is what can help you drive more amazing people to your blog and give you that extra competitive advantage. I know, it all sounds a bit like a marketers blabbing in a world where actually all you want to do is have an honest conversation with amazing people who follow your brilliant blog. The truth is that visual content can only help you lift this conversation to a higher level. And to have a great visual content marketing strategy you do not have to spend extra hours creating things you didn’t like in the first place – you can actually use something you have in abudance. By that I mean- why don’t you use your photographs? Your amazing spectacular pictures you have taken traveling the world. Here’s five ways to use them and how to include them as an element of your visual content strategy.

Memejacking for Travel Bloggers

The complete Guide to Creating Memes That Will Drive Traffic


Of all the „jacking”, memejacking is the most fun. I assume nobody wants to be on a hijacked plane. Newsjacking can sometime get out of control and become a very cynical practice, but  when done right it can not only increase shareability of your content and drive mad crowds to your blog, but is also fun to do and not at all difficult. But what is memejacking anyway? And why should it be so good for you and your blog?

How to Relive Your Travel Experience Using Social Media

Without loosing integrity and its magic

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Using Social Media has influenced just about every aspect of our lives both physically and psychologically. The way we live, spend time with others, eat and experience a live show or art exhibitions. All that has changed since Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have become platforms to inspire, share and verify our own identity. The psychologists prove how a single selfie can change the way we sustain ourselves. The anthropologists argue how we relive and fully experience our daily activities only once we verify them with social shares. Traveling and vacationing is no different. How to not become a recluse and give up on the trend completely yet still save the memories without losing integrity and their magic?

How our Slideshare deck went viral and how you can use your visual content to do the same

Tips for travel bloggers and all those who simply love to take pictures

why your visual content matters

We’ve been getting pretty good results on Slideshare and we’ve arrived at a pretty obvious conclusion– your visual content matters. The pictures you take, the videos you shoot, the infographics and presentations you prepare are eye candy. But we’ve dug deep into science journals to break it down and see why some images work and some don’t. If you have a travel blog those visuals can help you boost traffic, so it’s worth knowing how to use it to your advantage. To truly master the art of visual content creation it’s best to start with learning a bit more about how we actually perceive the world around us.

How to Turn One Idea Into a Myriad of Blog Posts ideas

some advice for bloggers and all

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My problem is I have the best ideas when I move – literally. Walking  climbing, rope jumping – you name the move and I will make sure I will have tons of ideas to write blog posts, academic thesis & books. Sounds familiar? Well if it does then this post is for you. Even if you come back to the idea you manage to save by making a quick note, you probably lose it quite quickly. When in the daily routine you write it down, check emails, get derailed, jump into a meeting, grab a coffee, then settle back in … only to hate what you thought of in the first place. When on the road, the story is pretty much the same – we are no different.