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The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in Denmark

All You Need to Know Before You Decide to Start Abroad

freelancing in Denmark

If you want to try freelancing in Denmark, the set information we have prepared will come handy before you leave and once you reach your destination. Released Monday, the 2013 World Happiness Report ranks the happiest countries around the globe, with Denmark, Norway and Switzerland leading the pack. In 2012, Denmark also took the top spot, receiving the highest combined score on a scale of zero through 10. Since freelancing is supposed to be all about freedom and being happy, we've decided to inspect Denmark to continue our research on the Ultimate Freelancing Guide. The citizens of this European country have some good reasons to be happy. And we were looking for those reasons to, so that you too, can live the Danish dream. 


The Ultimate Guide for Freelancing in Portugal

All You Need to Know Before You Decide to Start New Life Abroad

freelancing in portugal

We continue our ultimate freelancing guide with all the important information for those who are considering starting a new life and freelancing in Portugal. This European country is often viewed as a perfect holiday destination full of amazing tourist attractions, great food, friendly people. No wonder more and more people decide to look into the possibilities of moving there. Some consider it as an option for retirement, but some look into the options of working or freelancing there. Due to high unemployment rates the working options might be rather unlimited unless you are a very highly specialised professional (but that always applies to any country). But if you can do freelancing job that requires just a good internet connection, then Portugal is absolutely a place to consider.

The Ultimate Tipping in Europe Guide

How to avoid dreaded uncertainty of tipping while dining out in Europe

freelancing in portugal

Food is a necessity. That’s obvious – without it, you simply die. But food is also a part of culture and over centuries we’ve surrounded it with norms, habits, customs, superstitions. We’ve even associated religious doctrines with it. One such custom that is associated with food and service is obviously tipping. This custom also relies heavily on one of the strongest social mechanisms we humans have in common – reciprocity. We give to get… more. In this case we give to get better service, expecting – quite naturally that that’s the way it works. The service on the other hand tries harder to get tipped. Tipping is maybe not as natural as food itself and there are some people who strongly advocate against it. There have even been political movements against it. You can learn about it and other interesting facts checking out our decks on Slideshare dedicated to all things tipping.

The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in India

All You Need to Know Before You Decide to Start Abroad

freelancing in India

When looking for places that offer best options for those who want to look for ways to work abroad and enjoy the freelancers freedom, we move once again to the East. In our series we’ve already examined possibilities of freelancing in Thailand, job options in Canada and now we want to give you the ultimate guide to freelancing in India. We cover all the aspects everyone who wants to try freelancing in India should be familiar with. It certainly is true that the best way to actually try something is by doing it, but before you decide freelancing in India is something you want to do, it’s best to research a bit before you actually take off. Freelancing is a great form of discovering the world with no strings attached. It gives you more freedom (hence the name) but it also requires a bit of a different mind set. After all you are responsible for all things work. It is the same when freelancing in India. We’ve decided to ease your way to it and researched the things you should know beforehand.

The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in Canada

All You Need to Know to Make Your Freelance Dream Job Come True

Freelancing in Canada

Freelancing in Canada may not be the first thing that comes to mind, when looking for new opportunities to travel and work outside your home country. When discussing Freelancing abroad, the natural selection for many people are more exotic locations.. We’ve started our Ultimate Freelancing series with a post on Freelancing in Thailand, but we though it would be the right thing to do, to balance the sizzling heat of palm shaded beaches with a bit of a harsh, yet amazing beauty of the North.  We’ve researched, for you, the most important things you need to know before you decide on freelancing in Canada. But don’t leave yet – every week we will publish one more country to choose from.

The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in Thailand

All You Need to Know to Make Your Freelance Dream Job Come True

freelance job in thailand

Freelancing in Thailand or any other exotic location is no longer mission impossible. Still, the dream scenario can get complicated when you break out the details. We believe that not knowing can be a major obstacles that stops you from doing cool things in life. Our mission is to be as informative as possible and we applied that philosophy to out web app. That is also why we’ve decided to come up with a series we’ve announced some time ago – we will present to you a MODERN DAY NOMAD WORLDWIDE GUIDE TO FREELANCE JOBS (wow, that’s a mouthfull) that we’ve announced in our recent INTRO POST. Many of you  see Thailand as the next best thing after paradise and requested we tackled this first. We’ve collected some intelligence so that you can assess if that dream of yours of living in a tropical country is something in your reach!

10 Great Airfare Deals Websites to Keep Eye On

Your Free Copy of BEST Deals Guide is waiting

Airfare deals websites

Air travels are great way to go places and explore the world at its best. But tickets are very often a huge part eating most of our holiday budget. That is why you need to look for Airfare Deals Websites. This e-book we give you was prepared with all those who love to travel and do not want to spend fortune on flights in mind. We have selected 10 websites you just have to keep an eye on if you don’t want to miss your next best chance for a great holiday at a reasonable price. We do realize that the travel costs are usually the greater part of the holiday budget that is why we come up with the idea to provide you with something useful. So enjoy! And let us know if you have any comments or more tips for other Modern Day Nomads.