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Things You Did Not Know about Air Travel

The airports, flight attendants and Pam Ann stripped

things you did not know about air travels

I’m pretty sure there are things you did not know about air travel. We’ve collected some crucial facts every modern day nomad should know before boarding. You’ll learn who was the first flight attendant ever, where planes land on the busy city street and whether it’s possible to fly every resident of Chicago at the same time.

Most Common Stereotypes About America

Demystifying the United States of America

most common stereotypes about america

There are a lot of common stereotypes about America. Since it’s myth busting time again we’ll examine the most popular ones and try to see what is the truth about the land of freedom.  In one of my previous posts I’ve tackled common stereotypes about Russia. Now the time has come to take a closer look at another huge country – the United States of America. Here they are  – five most common stereotypes and myths about USA:

Worst Hotel Reviews Travelers Leave to Warn Others

Things We Absolutely Hate About Hotels

worst hotel reviews

Worst hotel reviews travelers leave is something every hotel manager dreads. Especially now where they can easily go global with all-so-popular trend in today’s social media. One very interesting trend hit the global net quite recently. The idea is that the citizens of some cities create special pages where they can write sarcastic comments about what pisses them off in their city. The only rule – sentences have to be reversed: “I’m so glad the metro is closed for the night – I love walking 10 blocks at 4 in the morning.” This trend inspired me to write about something else.  I figured that if a page like that existed for terrible hotels, it would have at least these five sentences. So, I give you things you will never hear in a lousy hotel.

Travel Destination Ideas Stolen From the Cinema

Cinematic Journeys That'll Make You Want to Hit the Road

movie inspired travel destinations

After listing a few books you should avoid if you don’t want to travel, it’s high time to do a similar analysis with movies. They have even bigger potential of making you travel, because you don’t have to imagine anything – you’ll be seeing the place, that you will be inspired to go to before actually arriving. Here’s a few films that might have a big impact on your future traveling plans.


The Obvious Travel Choices for Newlyweds

just married want to avoid obvious honeymoon choices and cliche destinationa

I find weddings pretty cliche. Sorry for being a little bit cynical, but there’s something about the predictability of the ceremony and the reception, that’s just, well… not very original. And the honeymoon, as the part of all that, is usually also pretty typical. Check out which destinations are the most cliche for the honeymoon.


A Swearing Guidebook for People with a Potty Mouth

How to swear in foreign languages

They are an important element of every language. Sometimes inappropriate, often funny and always emotional. Without them any communication would be incomplete. Swears, curses or how linguists like to call them, vulgarisms are a necessary part of language and culture. It’s highly possible that there is no culture in this world that hasn’t developed some sort of swearing system. Let’s take a closer look at cursing in different languages. WARNING – it’s really vulgar.


The Nasty, the Ugly and the Intriguing



When traveling, you only want to see and appreciate the beautiful objects, the things that the locals take pride in preserving, right? WRONG! You want some dirt too! The bizarre, creepy, ugly, even freakish things that exist because of an accident or spitefulness or a series of unfortunate events, that lead to you looking at this terrible something. Now that’s interesting! This entry is about those weird monuments – so take a look.

Demystifying Russia

Most Absurd Myths About Mother Russia


Oh, the stereotypes. They’re inevitable when it comes to discussing other countries. Because when we know nothing about some topic, our brain tends to fill the gap with just about anything we see or hear. So we believe everything the Hollywood and mass culture are showing us. However most things we come across are not true. So I figured out it’s about time to do some “myth busting” about countries. Specifically about Russia.