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10 Tips for Releasing Stress and Anxiety From Traveling

10 Traveler’s Biggest Worries and How to Avoid Them

releasing stress and anxiety

We've already proved to you that traveling is good for you, right? It can boost your mental health, it helps you stay healthy and let's you stay open-minded. You probably also know by now that traveling has the ability to trigger all 5 factors for happiness. Traveling is pure fun. But worrying about things that can or could happen when traveling, isn't. All those "what if's…" can turn your dream adventure into a nightmare…but only if you succumb to them. That is why it is important to detach stress and anxiety from traveling. The best way to release stress and anxiety from just about anything is to rationalise it. How come something that’s supposed to make you feel relaxed and happy can also make you so stressed? Because it leaves a lot of things uncertain and that causes stress to build up. I’ve dug up some of the travelers biggest causes of stress and ways to release it. Learn 10 good ways for releasing stress and anxiety before it spoils your dream.

5 Tips to Resolve Conflict On the Road (Before it Gets Out of Control)

How to Be Prepared to Nip the Conflict In the Bud

resolve conflict

Conflicts are inevitable. Whenever you work, communicate or travel with others, there’s a chance you might end up arguing, having silent days or simply becoming passive aggressive. One of the common tactics is avoidance, but trust me avoiding a conflict won’t get you anywhere. That is why we’ve prepared some tips for you on how to resolve conflict on the road. Traveling is a social activity (even when you decide to travel solo), so chances are that the group dynamics might take a toll on you dream journey. And nobody wants that – that is why you need to do nip all conflicts in the bud. And we want you to find out how to resolve conflict on the road!

5 Basic Factors for Happiness and How Traveling Supports Each

Defining the True Happiness and Finding It On the Road

factors for happiness

According to Carl Gustav Jung – one of the founders of psychotherapy – there are five basic factors for happiness. Those basic elements in theory are easy to achieve and maintain to experience happiness. They all however seem to escape our attention when it comes to actually acting upon them. Those five basic factors for happiness include mental and physical health, good personal and intimate relationships, the ability to perceive beauty in all its forms, the reasonable standards of living and a philosophic or religious approach or attitude to cope with the ups and downs we are all bound to experience in our lives. I have decided to examine how can traveling influence all five factors for happiness and how it actually forms one interdisciplinary element – a sort of bridge that makes happiness possible.

How to Be More Spontaneous,Travel and Be Happier

9 Lifehacks for All Who Fear Being Boring

be more spontaneous

Humans are creatures of habit. Nothing wrong with that, but I strongly believe it helps to be more spontaneous, every now and then. I couldn’t care less about people judging me as boring or rigid, but I care a lot about my well-being, mental health, relations and staying young for as long as it’s possible (not following Cher’s footsteps, however). All those things come apparently with being more spontaneous and allowing yourself a bit of a mental awakening. Becoming spontaneous is a process – often combined with almost a therapeutic approach aimed at breaking down the walls of own habit, convictions and fears. Yes indeed, humans are a creatures of habit – this has helped us for centuries to form a predictable, I daresay boring lifestyles. I have learned however that the unpredictable comes our way either way so it’s good to shake up the system every now and then and stay alert – gorgeously spontaneous.

Traveling Boosts Mental Health

The Psychologically Supported Truths about Creativity and Self-discovery

traveling boosts mental health

Traveling boosts mental health in many ways and allows you to not only stretch out your comfort zones, but be more creative and expand your skills and capacities. It’s a widely known fact that travel helps you relax and is good for your immune system. Now, psychologists discovered it boosts mental health and found many more blessings that come with every trip you take. There’s no doubt traveling can shape your character, help you discover and rediscover truths about yourself. Find out how the very act of exploring the world not only feels right, but actually helps boost your mental health.