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What to Eat While Camping Outside of the City

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Camping food ideas may not come to you as easily as you would like. When you’re desperate to eat something, and there is no place close enough for delivery, there is only one way to handle the situation: you have to cook something yourself. So in order for you to be prepared for an event like that, here are the most important qualities of camping food and some ideas on dishes you can easily cook while out of the city.

How to Travel Europe by Train and Have Fun

Tips and Warnings about European Railway Networks and the Eurail Pass

travel Europe by train

It’s good to know how to travel Europe by train. In my opinion, this way of travelling is one of the most fun and rewarding. And trains themselves have something cool in them, don’t you think? If you’re planning on visiting Europe and you’re considering traveling by trains, read this article! You will learn about the diversity of european railways and get some info on High Speed Railways. You will also find out why night trains are comfortable and how much does traveling by train in Europe cost. Here are the tips and warnings about European Railway Networks.

Everything You Need to Know About Tipping

But Were Afraid to Ask

everything you need to know about tipping

Here’s everything you need to know about tipping. The history, tips how to tip and some amazing stories you wish could happen to you if you ever waited tables in a restaurant or cafe. When you travel you discover the world, it’s culture, flavors and local customs. Tipping around the world varies, so before you hit the road again it’s good to know the basics. After all, it’s always good to know.

How To Tip The Extraction Team

The Things You Should Know Before You Reach For Your Wallet

Tips for tipping for your luggage

You will probably find many tips and advice by so-called travel advisory groups. We’ve all came across universal rules on tips written by travel experts. What I want to share is none of the above – it is my view on tipping and the way I perceive the mechanics of it. Trust me when I say this – I do not mean to offend any doorman or hotel staff – I praise them on their ingenuity. Here are a few tips for tipping my way.

What Turns An Average Traveler into a Remarkably Likeable Modern Day Nomad

What Helps Genuine People Make an Entire Room Full of Others Smile.

What Turns Average Traveler into a Remarkably Likeable Modern Day Nomad

Traveling takes a lot of social skills. Being a dedicated fan of social psychology and aspiring traveler I’ve decided to research what turns an average traveler into a remarkably likeable modern day nomad. The truth is that no matter what travel modus operandi you dig, at some point you’ll have to communicate, you’ll have to sympathise, you’ll have to understand and you’ll have to learn quickly.

How to travel and understand history through a historic place

Traveling in Time Made Possible

f it is possible to learn math by solving equations, it is also possible to learn history by traveling (in time). Here are some tips on how to understand history.

Practice beats theory in many ways. When it comes to learning about history, it’s best to travel and understand history through a historic place. Show of hands, who here learns best by practice? That’s what I thought – there’s more people like me! I hate theory and I always learn best when I’m active. So if it is possible to learn math by solving equations, it is also possible to learn history by traveling (in time). Here are some tips on how to understand history.

Always Look Good While Traveling the World

Tips for Women & Men Who Travel

always look good while traveling

Is it possible to always look good while traveling the world? Do you really have to look like a hobo to look like an adventurous traveler. Most of us beside exploring the world, meeting the unknown, want to come back home with nice pictures. Pictures of themselves in nice places. And some want to always look on those pictures.  It sounds a bit vain but that’s what all of us have inside. A little piece of vanity. We prefer to always look good while traveling the world because that automatically makes us a better companion, makes it easier to meet new people or simply to settle things on the road. Sounds ridiculous? Well just look how it works, people like pretty things and people like pretty people. Simple as that. You are well-groomed, you’re over the hump ;-)

How to Communicate While Traveling Abroad (Where Nobody Speaks Your Language)

The Dos and Don'ts of Communicating Abroad

communicate while traveling abroad

It’s not easy to communicate while traveling abroad where nobody speaks your language. Especially if you don’t know what to do when you get lost or need help in an unknown place. Here are a few rules that will help you survive. But you don’t have to give up on going  to a country where almost nobody seems to understand you.  Just learn a few tricks that will help you understand and be understood.

How to Make Money Traveling the World

Options for Those Who Want to Mix Business with Pleasure


Is it possible to make money traveling the world? If you ever asked yourself this question chances are you’ll be interested in some of my ideas.  I often wondered myself  what I should do to travel the world …for free. I figured there must be a way that I could make money not to travel to places on the road? You probably heard about people doing that, you might have also asked a question “Where the hell is Matt and why I am not travelling like him??”. Most of those people simply make their money online. But, there are also other ways to explore the world forever. And I’m gonna share those secrets with you.

How to Stay Out of Trouble While Discovering Different Cultures

Have a Safe Trip & Discover the World of Cultural Variety

Avoid trouble travelling in Foreign exotic country

When you travel you discover cultures that differ from yours dramatically. One must stay open-minded to avoid trouble traveling and discovering exotic cultures. Sometime it’s difficult to react well to some behaviors that don’t fit to standards we usually function in. If you react inappropriately, especially in a small community, they might become suspicious and you might get yourself into some (or a lot of!) trouble. But if you react the way you are expected to, you might even gain their trust and get the chance to get closer to them. And that is a valuable experience. This post gathers my thoughts on ways to stay out of trouble while discovering different cultures.