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Traveling solo used to scare me. I thought without my friends I will be lost, miserable and in danger. I also perceived traveling solo as a desperate act of someone who has zero friends, no social life and communication skills of an ameba. But then came one time when I have decided to visit Scandinavia on my own. The choice did not seem extravagant. I decided to give solo traveling a try. Since then I have done it quite often. And I think everyone should travel solo at least once to learn a few things about themselves. I give you seven reasons why everyone should travel solo at least once

You can boost your self-esteem

travel solo once

One thing I have learned traveling solo is that I am actually more resourceful than I thought. I can do many things and I have learned to discover and rediscover the skills I thought I lacked. Traveling solo gives you opportunities to test your skills on many levels. Make sure you use that opportunity to admit that you are actually a pretty clever and resourceful person. And tap yourself on the back for that.

You learn to be decisive and responsible

travel alone

When you are on your own it is you who make decisions. For someone who is used to relying on others when it comes to that, this process can be a great change of pattern. When you travel solo you can make your own important decisions and learn to be responsible for whatever choices you make. That does feel liberating and teaches you to act fast.

You learn what you love to do

travel alone

When I travel solo I usually discover some pretty incredible things about myself. I have discovered I love to take pictures and tell visual stories. I have learned I love to taste food and… cook. When you travel solo chances are you might even actually enjoy doing typically social things alone. Like going to the cinema, theatre or restaurant and just observe life as it goes by. I have learned to become a sort of an anthropologist.

You will discover the kindness of strangers

travel alone

When you travel solo you rarely are really alone. Most of the time you are surrounded with people who at most cases are friendly. My experience is that when you travel solo not only you become more courageous to ask for help but people tend to be kinder and they somehow want to help a solo traveler. It happened on many  occasions that I did not even have to ask for anything. People would come up to me and offer a meal or help or gave directions and advice.

You will learn to grow your social network

travel alone once

One thing about traveling solo is that strangers you meet on the way may eventually become lifelong friends. When you travel in a group you usually spend time with people you travel with, rarely reaching out to others. That is why solo traveling is so great for social skills. You meet people, you learn their way of viewing the world and sometimes they become your friends.

You learn to be more spontaneous

travel once to be spontaneous

Solo travel allows you to embrace spontaneity as not only you make all decisions on your own but you can change your mind without the need of consulting it with anyone. You can get lost and don't have to feel bad someone is waiting for you. You can eat whatever you want whenever you want with whoever you want. Being spontaneous is one thing worth cultivating. And solo traveling is a great way to do so. If you want to learn more about spontaneity, check this post.

You learn to be independent

travel solo once in a lifetime

Solo travel can help you be the most independent and confident version of yourself. I do belive in a concept of travel as a learning process. Learn to travel. Travel to learn. Sometimes you learn skills and at other times you learn things you did not know about yourself. That is the beauty of solo travel – constant rediscovery of one's self. Discovering your true passions and things you were not able to recognise when traveling in a group.

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