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Here’s everything you need to know about tipping. The history, tips how to tip and some amazing stories you wish could happen to you if you ever waited tables in a restaurant or cafe. When you travel you discover the world, it’s culture, flavors and local customs. Tipping around the world varies, so before you hit the road again it’s good to know the basics. After all, it’s always good to know.

A Brief History of Tipping

There is nothing certain about the history of tipping but one thing – it must be somehow connected to the history of money. Although the origins are not clear and geographical and cultural phenomena still puzzle many, tipping is part of most of the cultures of the world. We’ve collected some random and interesting facts about the history and origins of tipping. Check them out and become a small talk superstar at every gathering. Well, it’s just so much fun to cite some facts on who was the first to tip, when paying a bill after a dinner with friends.

The Ultimate Tipping Guide for Modern Day Nomads

Wherever you travel you might want to know if you are in a country where tipping is customary and required. You might wonder if it’s appreciated but not at all expected. Sometimes you might be surprised as it seam is is virtually unheard-of? The truth is, tipping rules vary by country, by region, and by scenario. We’ve collected the tipping tips for those travelling to most popular destinations in Asia, Europe and America. Check them out to avoid misunderstandings and faux pas when tipping around the world.

10 Amazing Tipping Stories Plus One That’s Really Bizzare

We all hear a lot of bad stories about cheap tippers and even cruel tippers. Those mean, stingy tourists who wait for every single cent of change. Those cruel little gnomes, who God forbid, leave a single penny to those hard working waiters and waitresses. But we are not all doomed. Fortunately, some outrageously generous tippers do exist as those 10 stories we’ve collected prove. Those amazing people restore the faith in humanity and the power of doing good.