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A Travel World Passport we always tell you how good it is to get lost. But now we’ve finally found one trick how to always find the way back when you want to. It’s as effective as the mythical Ariadne’s thread, that will help you find the way back when lost in a modern labyrinth of metropolis, charming narrow streets of Tuscany or any other place on earth that your smartphone works at. It’s an app and it’s called accordingly TeleportMe.

The concept of being lost when traveling is a great idea we solemnly support. It helps you discover the world on your own, get you to places that are so often amazing yet overshadowed by popular landmarks flooded with crowds of tourists. It’s true that the best way to discover is to get off the beaten track. It’s simply good to get lost. After getting lost however there comes a time we want to get back to a hotel we stay at, train station our train departs from or restaurant we want to meet our friends for dinner.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.43.01 PMThere are a lot of navigation apps, with Google Maps being one of the most often used ones, but TeleportMe works slightly different and may I say it suits the purpose of getting lost perfectly. It’s a simple location sharing and discovery app. TeleportMe enables you to absurdly easily reach the chosen locations by just following the arrow. What you need to do is just mark where you start your “getting lost adventure”, share with others if you wish and when you need to get back the app will guide you. The good thing is that you don’t need to concentrate that much, as the app guides with an arrow – it’s so simple it could be dubbed “navigation for dummies” app.

teleport me app reviewWith the app features you can navigate easily in a pedestrian mode and find the nearby places places & venues from Foursquare. You can also easily share the location with friends using SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter. Unlike Latitude and many other services, TeleportMe does not run in the background and does not share your location with a third party. You use it when you want it.

teleport me app reviewThe app is great when you want to get lost but eventually want to find the way back. It’a a great tool to meet with your friends at one place or you just can’t remember where the awesome cafe you passed on the way is located. Use TeleportMe and take the stress off the getting lost concept.

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