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Is it possible to make money traveling the world? If you ever asked yourself this question chances are you’ll be interested in some of my ideas.  I often wondered myself  what I should do to travel the world …for free. I figured there must be a way that I could make money not to travel to places on the road? You probably heard about people doing that, you might have also asked a question “Where the hell is Matt and why I am not travelling like him??”. Most of those people simply make their money online. But, there are also other ways to explore the world forever. And I’m gonna share those secrets with you.

I often talk about how much I love to travel, how I dream about quitting my job, leaving everything behind and just travel for the rest of my life. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Even John Lennon knew that ;) We all make plans, buy maps, search the Internet, look for inspiration. We even convince ourselves- “Yes, I will explore the world”. And then we hear a quiet knocking at our door. We open it and what we see those little bastards- Fear and Excuse- decided to pay us a visit. They always start the conversation with the same painful question “How can you afford perpetual travel???” It’s kind of a well-chosen question if you think about it for a second. You can start your journey living off savings, but let’s be honest. Can you really save the amount of money that will let you travel for the rest of your life? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And so we end up with our back against the wall and watching Fear and Excuse triumph. Wait! Wait! Wait! That’s not how my dreams end! I will travel the world and I will make money on the way. Sounds impossible? Let me show you it’s not.


Find a freelance job online to make money traveling the world

In theory the safest solution, because you can find a job before you even leave. It will surely give you the feeling of stabilization (which trust me is a rather rare feeling when traveling) ;) It will also be the only moderatly normal thing in an otherwise extraordinary life- which is in my opinion quite good (especially for those who still have pang of guilt for spending a day in a hammock).

Of course not all that glitters is gold. Having a job provided can take away the sense of freedom. Plus there is a more technical aspect to it. Power supply and Internet access. I know that it’s the XXI century, but we are really not talking about the obvious. These constraints can in reality restrict us from traveling to certain parts of the World. Take Thailand for example. Finding a free wi-fi hotspot nowadays is a piece of cake, but there are still parts of that country where power is being shut off during the day. Let’s switch to Australia. Power supply is perfect, but the cost of Internet is so high you have to think it through if the money you’ve earned being online will be enough to pay the bill ;-) Another country that comes to my mind is India. Obviously, the cost of living is very affordable compared to the western countries. Unfortunately, Internet access is not only a rarity but it’s also expensive and low speed.

Jobs you can do online can range from copywriting, marketing services, social media to web admins. If you have more technical expertise you can search for work as a web/iphone/software developer. Basically, if you can imagine a job that can be done remotely, there’s probably a marketplace for it online. The services we like to use for searching these jobs are:



A good way of making money on oDesk is for example writing articles for different employers. Although there are still people that offer their work for 40 cents per hour there it is really possible to make 25$-50$ per hour. Pay rate depends on whether you work on a project or just a single articles. You can get paid based on an hourly wage or you can be paid a fixed priced per job. What you should remember is when you choose to be paid per hour your work will be recorded by oDesk monitoring system (it will take snapshots of your desktop, records keystrokes and mouse clicks). So try not to go through your photos from nudist beach while you’re working :)

You definitely want to get a freelance job when you are a SEO expert. High-end freelancers will charge between 300$ and 500$ per hour! If you are not top-of-the-line specialist but you’re still very good at SEO you can easily earn 50$ an hour. Which I think is still no drama ;)

We wrote another piece discussing the technical limitations placed on freelancers here and what are the best spots to settle.



Find a job where you travel

This may take a little more effort. True. Looking for a job in every place you travel to. Sounds tiring? Not if you know how to do it. There are plenty of websites that will help you find a seasonal job in a country you’re going to. You will find that there not only job offers, but also answers on how to get a job permission or working visa. Here are some examples:





Remember that it does not always have to be a seasonal job. Your are on your Whole Life Journey, that means you are in no rush. You can take jobs that will let you stay in some countries for a longer period of time: month, even a year or two. It can be a really great way of getting to know the country from a locals point of view. If you decide to work as Au-pair you can even get an inside view of a local family life. English teacher is another option. This particular job needs a certificate, but fortunately can be done online. Of course we’re talking here about countries where English is less popular than body language, so the job is very often a voluntary service. But even that has it’s advantages. You get a place to sleep, sometimes you will be also fed, so even if you don’t earn money you can definitely save some.

Check the best places to teach English abroad:



Simply make money traveling the world… by traveling

Oh I know that’s probably what interests you the most. The thing is making money by traveling is a hard thing to do. People do it. One thing that comes to mind is blogging. I know that every travel blogger will tell you it is not so easy as it seems. And they are right! But don’t get discouraged and try it out. If you want to travel and blog (not exactly at the same time, as it sometimes differ) you have to realise that your blog is a value proposition to your audience. If they love it they visit your blog and you may try to think how to make money on it. What does that mean? That you have to come up with something unique that touches a certain group of people (larger than just your friends and a few relatives). Blogging is about giving something special, something true and personal – but it’s also about SEO, SEM, social media presence and so on. But without honest and unique content written for someone out there, no trick will work miracles. The thing you must do first is to answer 3 questions:

Why do I want to blog? – your motivation is crucial and it can help you win the hearts of your audience

How do I want to do it? – the form is important, but one thing works always works – beautiful blogs with amazing pictures tend to be more successful than the ugly ones. ‘How’ is also about your ideas about the structure of you blog and your posts.

Do I have time to do it? – all the bloggers that I’ve ever talked to admit that though blogging is rewarding it takes time and effort. So if you simply do not secure enough time to do it – don’t do it at all.

Blogging is one thing and being noticed and found is quite a different thing. But that my friends is a issue we will discuss quite soon in a more elaborate form. So keep your eyes open and in the meantime check some more advice about how to make money on your travel blog http://travelbloggeracademy.com/make-money-travel-blogging/


There is one more fantastic idea. This one may actually not help you to make money, but will definitely save you some (which is pretty much the same ;) Ever heard about HOUSESITTING? It’s the concept of taking care of someone’s house while they are away. Free accommodation (or almost free), around the world, doesn’t it sound perfect? Check out how the experts do it- Nicole and Michael from Suitcase Stories- http://suitcasestories.com/house-sitting/how-anyone-can-travel-with-free-accommodation/

You see? Impossible is nothing ;-) If traveling the world is something you really want nothing is going to stop you. We gave you some tools, now it’s your turn to build your dream with it. Remember things don’t just happen. You make it happen! :)