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My problem is I have the best ideas when I move – literally. Walking  climbing, rope jumping – you name the move and I will make sure I will have tons of ideas to write blog posts, academic thesis & books. Sounds familiar? Well if it does then this post is for you. Even if you come back to the idea you manage to save by making a quick note, you probably lose it quite quickly. When in the daily routine you write it down, check emails, get derailed, jump into a meeting, grab a coffee, then settle back in … only to hate what you thought of in the first place. When on the road, the story is pretty much the same – we are no different.

I usually have no problem writing a post once I grab an idea, but sometimes coming up with the idea in the first place can be the tricky part. Trust me – I’ve been there. The secret to generating blog posts that matter isn’t that much about those magical, mysthical, absynth driven creative moments. Oddly enough it’s about organization and about planning ahead. So my approach is simple – whenever you have a single blog post idea: Stop! Don’t write just yet. Instead, focus on generating as many story angles from that single idea as you possibly can. Here’s how I have learned to do it.

So how do I actually turn one blog post idea into a backlog of blog posts. Well it’s not that difficult… Start with the template I always use – don’t have to be exactly the same one, yet it is something that definitely illustrates the idea.

blog template

First, I try to come up with a blog post topic that my audience will really love. How do I do it? Well – your intuition is a great tool, but a bit of research helps, too. But I’ll write about it some other time…

Once I’ve chosen a topic, I then examine it’s potential. To show you how to do this, I’ll use an actual topic that working on at this time. It’s all about the solo travels. So – as you might have guessed I am actually putting it where it belongs on the template. Then I decide on the audience – this time it will be for general audience since the topic of solo travels seems to be interesting for everyone. The categories are yours to chose – I assume you know very well the logic behind categories on your blog.

Now that I have chosen the audience it is time to think of the structure – since I have never travelled solo myself I guess the best is to do an interview with someone famous for it. So an interview it is. The I move into the form and as it is an interview I guess markin “text” is the best possible option. And finally I decide on where will I share this particular post. It will be share on blog, my friends. So now I have one angle but you know better than I that there is so much more potential in that. So I lay my hands on yet another template, and it goes like this.

blog template

This time it is going to be yet again something for general audience but this time it will be in a form of a more rich listicle in a form of the e-book that I will not only share on the blog but on social media as well.

Need more ideas? Choose other categories in each blog post element. Trust me, the more you routinely use this idea generator, the less you’ll need to rely on the graphic. Your mind will be so accustomed to this approach you’ll automatically start with various angles on one idea.