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Of all the „jacking”, memejacking is the most fun. I assume nobody wants to be on a hijacked plane. Newsjacking can sometime get out of control and become a very cynical practice, but  when done right it can not only increase shareability of your content and drive mad crowds to your blog, but is also fun to do and not at all difficult. But what is memejacking anyway? And why should it be so good for you and your blog?


What is memejacking all about?

Who doesn’t love a good meme? The key word being GOOD, as the lame ones don’t get much attention– meaning they will do you know good. Those simple almost primitive visuals spread all over social media like a malicious influenza. But contrary to the virus they’re funny, clever, and great for social sharing. For every blogger out there who does his own marketing memejacking (that is hijacking popular memes for your own benefit) can be a great way to create some fun, engaging content that shows off your blog’s personality and likeability. Just like in newsjacking, with memejacking you simply take something that is as popular as the Royal Baby in August and remix it. Make it your own. It is all about the act of creating something new out of something that already exists. A meme is quite simply a concept, behavior, or idea that spreads, usually via the internet. It is simple and witty (or at least it should be) and composed of two main elements – visual and text. One compliments the other forming the perfect social marketing gem to conquer the internet.


How to be good at memejacking

So how to create that perfect specimen of visual content that goes viral. Memejacking is all about the moment. Memes live short and even the most classic ones are more like a butterfly than a giant turtle. If you want to do some memejacking you have to act fast. Memejackig is by no means a simple act of taking a meme and sharing it. The true memjacker transforms the meme so that it suits their story, marketing message and is relevant. In order to create good memes, you need to know:

  • what is your story – if you want to memejack, you’ll have to take one element and make it shine in other context. This context must be extremely clear to you and others. You have to know who you are and what your blog is all about. Are you a fighter, solo soul, foodie traveler or some other amazing type of traveler.
  • what is the story behind the meme – unless you understand a meme, you cannot interpret it your own way
  • what your audience likes – not that you cannot test their taste, but with every test you can be more specific and understand what kind of sense of humour your audience loves the most.

Is memejacking difficult?

Because memes are often very simple art forms they’re also very quick and easy to create. The whole meme culture is not that much about precision and sublime – it is about a simple idea that is sometimes so abstract that it just has to be funny. To create a meme (or memejack one) you’ll need:

  • Some basic knowledge of a photo editing tool like Photoshop but sometimes a Keynote, PowerPoint or Microsoft Paint can do the trick. If you want to be extra up to date, you will have to be more of a creator than those who simply wait and memejack some more ripe memes. There tons of meme generators out there like Meme Generator and quickmeme so you can take upon an already popular meme and hijack it easily.
  • Inspiration that just comes when you are relaxed, open-minded and you let go of the stereotypes. Just step back in time and act like a child who sees most incredible stories and structures behind simple objects. Don’t censor yourself. I usually come up with ideas when I simply observe.
  • Time to do it and promote it. Even though memes are simple, they too take some time to make but most of all they take time to promote, unless you create something as viral as Spanish Flu.
  • Outlets to promote and verify your creative efforts. It is all  very fine if your mom loves your meme, but memes belong to social media. They thrive there and spread like a tsunami (hopefully). Social Media platforms, that highly rely on visual, light, non-demanding content (this is no place for Joyce) embrace good memes instantly.

memejackingAt Travel World Passport we’ve learned that it’s good to be creative. We do not usually create the memes per se, but inspired by the whole thing we create simple, visually attractive cards containing a quote or a popular saying mixed with a great picture and spiced up a bit by design. That is also something you can try as quotes are almost as popular as memes and they stand a much longer „life expectancy”.


Creating memes is fun and even if you don’t succeed with your very first creation, don’t give up. Like with all content – the key to success is always testing and optimising your actions. Once you share something and it goes viral, try to think what were the factors behind it. Same when it does not go viral… It’s good to learn.