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We all know stories of those fabulous people who all of the sudden decide to spread their wings and live the life of a modern day nomad. Wherever they lay their hat, that’s where their home is. All they need is a laptop, some talent (or skills), Wi-fi and a marvellous view of the ocean from their Goa beach hut or Maldives bungalow. You know what it’s like – you’ve seen it in the movies. But the reality may be a little more complex. Not harder or harsher, but there are a few things you may need to address before you sit back in your chair overlookig the Pacific.

freelance jobsModern Day Nomads are no special breed of super humans – they are just people who want to live on the road. And just like most of the humans who are not transcendent enough to breed on air, solar energy and love, they need resources to survive. Get it? No? I need to be blunt– they need money. Dough. Moolah.  And your mum was right– it doesn’t fall from the sky or grow on tress. It usually comes with hard work, unless of course, you are one of the Kardashians (Hi Kim!). The good news is that there are more and more jobs that do not require coming to the office or being pregnant (sorry Kim, cheap shot, I know). So unless you work for Yahoo and Marissa just says you have to be in the office, you can take your office where you want to and be happy where you want to be. You name the locations.

freelance jobs

Behold! As we examine the true cost of living and working on the paradise islands in the middle of nowhere. We will unveil the cons and pros of the different time zones, we will make sure you get the real, not sweet costs of living in any given destinations. If you’re dreaming of being a Modern day freelancing nomad, we want to make sure that you don’t land on the rocks by, say, having to rely on a dial up modem.

freelance jobsWe’ll start with South-East Asia, then tackle Portugal and other South European countries, move to continental Canada and even surf up north to AlasKa. But we are open to your suggestions and comments. Let’s make it a Working Modern Day Nomad Bible. C’mon you guys! The comment box below waits for you like tabloids wait for another Lindsay’s faux pas.

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