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I find weddings pretty cliche. Sorry for being a little bit cynical, but there’s something about the predictability of the ceremony and the reception, that’s just, well… not very original. And the honeymoon, as the part of all that, is usually also pretty typical. Check out which destinations are the most cliche for the honeymoon.


one of the most cliche honeymoon destinations for newlyweds is Paris
Photo Credit: Anirudh Koul via Compfight cc

Naturally! The city of love. Add to that French, the language of love and you get a pretty lovely picture. The usual trip involves Champs-Élysées, Louvre, Notre Dame cathedral, long romantic walks on the La Seine river and, of course, admiring the breathtaking views of the city from La Tour d’Eiffel. Oh, and the amazing food on just about every corner: fresh croissants and omelettes in the morning, delicious seafood, variety of luxurious cheese or even frogs’ legs and snails as well as one of the most appreciated wine strains in the world and the only original champagne! Not to forget crème brûlée for dessert! Luckily, you don’t have to fit in your wedding dress/tuxedo any more, so you can enjoy all the food without counting calories.


Hawaii is one of the most cliche destinations for newlyweds the obvious honeymoon choice
Photo Credit: Justin Ornellas via Compfight cc

It’s on the list because of the silly romantic comedies shot over the years: if there’s a wedding in a Hollywood movie, there’s also a 78% chance the happy couple will go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. It’s warm, it’s affordable and the characters are usually Americans, so they don’t need a visa for the trip. Also, the beaches are just to die for and the infrastructure there is really well developed, because the Hawaiians live off tourism. This means you are always welcome there, even if you’re not from the US. Just watch out for the hurricane season, which can last from June to November. The hotels have plenty of activities for couples (which might be helpful if you ever run out of ideas how to spend time on your honeymoon… but that’s unlikely ;) ).


Fiji is one of the most obvious honeymoon choices the clichee destination for newlyweds
Photo Credit: CJ Isherwood via Compfight cc

Similar climate to Hawaii, similar range of resorts and even the same Ocean. The Republic of Fiji used to be a British Colony, so English still is one of the official languages. The archipelago consists of 332 islands (if they had just built themselves one more island – the country would have one more thing to add to the trivia!) and it has a lot to offer to the newlyweds too. Not only the SPA Resorts and wonderful restaurants, but also the incredible nature! Wide sandy beaches, warm and soft weather for the most of the year, the fascinating underwater life, which you can observe for yourself if you are willing to put on oxygen mask and try scuba diving. So why is Fiji a cliche? Thanks to two quite similar celebrity couples who chose Fiji as their honeymoon destination, both of which consist in 50% of a blonde pop singer: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.


Venice is a cliche honeymoon destination and an obvious choice to avoid
Photo Credit: ppz via Compfight cc

Another european city of love. Seriously, how many are there?! Venezia, which is located in the northeast part of Italy is best known for its canales. Thanks to the specific urban fabric, Venice is probably the only pedestrian city in the world – no vehicles are allowed in the city centre. There are plenty of attractions when you’re on honeymoon in Venice: taking a ride in a gondola under the most famous Rialto Bridge is an absolute must! However, be prepared to pay quite a lot: only the licensed gondoliers have the right to take tourists for a ride and they know their price (but don’t let the cost discourage you – from what I’ve heard it’s worth every cent). And since you’re in Italy focus on the food (but not as much as on your new spouse!). Pizzas, pastas, bruschettas, tiramisus, gelato… and allegedly, the best espresso in the world. All that almost makes me want to get hitched right away – to the first person that says “yes”. Just for the honeymoon in Venice!

So those destinations are cliche, so what?! There is a reason newlyweds choose them – they expect to have fun and get lots of memories. Because that’s the most important thing in a honeymoon – you should remember the trip for the rest of your lives. Cliche or not – don’t mind the others – just make your pick and go!