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Why people don't travel? Most of us willingly give hundreds of reasons why we actually want to travel. For humans it is only natural to move – after all we've been nomadic for centuries. Even today, this call deep inside of us makes us all to a certain extent modern day digital nomads. There are still those who have not yet discovered the joys and lessons traveling can give. Some use excuses that may seem rational at first, but do not stand the test of our careful examination. Here are 5 most important reasons why people choose not to travel and our answer to those convictions. 

They say they don't have money to travel

Traveling in style can be pricey. But the truth is that you can travel at a very low cost and see amazing places all over the world. All it takes is great research and being patient. You can start off with following those websites to find best airfare deals. Traveling does not have to be expensive at all. Try using apps like AirBnB to drastically lower you accommodation costs. You can also limit the other costs by organising everything by yourself. Don't worry – with internet it is much more simple to book, check and plan ahead and you'll feel great satisfaction with each saved penny.

They say they have children

Well let me just say this excuse is quite an absurd one. Obviously I do not encourage you to travel with a newborn to Amazon jungle, but the truth is that now with all the great gadgets and light parent friendly solutions you can pack everything you need to take care of your baby and make sure all you need comes handy without the need of turning yourself and your partner into a mule. There are many families who have proven wrong all the sceptics. I can also guarantee that there are many reasons why children should actually start to travel at a very early age. Read about them here.

They have other serious obligations

It may sound selfish but you are your own most important obligation. Your well-being, happiness, quality of your relationships and health depends greatly on how you treat yourself. Part of this is being able to take time off and seeing things from a different perspective. Surely you might be stuck in all professional and family obligation but without a proper "mind reset" you only start to function worse and become less and less productive. Traveling can also boost mental health as we write about it here.



They fear the unknown

Fear is natural. Fear of the unknown that is related to traveling to distant places, too. But once you realise what you are afraid of, you can easily rationalise the fear only to see that what you are afraid most is least likely to happen. I call this "worst case" scenario exercise. I simply imagine what really can happen and how probable that is. If you are too scared to fly or the very thought of traveling paralyses you, it's best to seek professional help. CBT therapy works miracles with the most common phobias. Bravery is not the lack of fear but acknowledging it and using the right tactics to combat it.

They simply hate to travel

Some of us might have had some truly traumatic memories of travel time. That is why we form an opinion that traveling is simply not for us. Sometimes it is best to sit down and think what we hate about travels so much. It may turn out that it is not the traveling in general but certain aspects of it. If you hate flying, try destinations you can reach by train and make it fun. If you are not into tropical weather and sunny beaches, choose other destinations. It's best to realise what you love most and follow your instincts to make traveling part of you life.

These were 5 most common reasons people give to explain why they don't travel. The truth is if someone hates traveling very much, you cannot do much to change their mind. Traveling can be a great way of getting to know yourself, of learning about the world and becoming a better person. It can also be part of your life-style like the stories of many modern day nomads prove. Share this post with people you think should examine their attitude towards traveling.

common reasons why people don't travel

Photo by Robin Benad