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Using Social Media has influenced just about every aspect of our lives both physically and psychologically. The way we live, spend time with others, eat and experience a live show or art exhibitions. All that has changed since Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have become platforms to inspire, share and verify our own identity. The psychologists prove how a single selfie can change the way we sustain ourselves. The anthropologists argue how we relive and fully experience our daily activities only once we verify them with social shares. Traveling and vacationing is no different. How to not become a recluse and give up on the trend completely yet still save the memories without losing integrity and their magic?

Human Nature and Using Social Media

Using Social MediaEven though many argue that the digital era has completely changed our behaviors, the truth is it only magnified some of the effects the social environment has on our identity and the way we experience the world around us. It is a long known fact that we partially construct the self, self-esteem and derive the knowledge about ourselves from the feedback others grant us. It has always been this way. That also means testing how others view our resources compared to theirs. It is not to say that we all mindlessly brag about ourselves or that all alpha males engage in a sort of „continuous penis measuring competition”. But as humans, we are born this way – we show off a bit in order to gain better mates. As crude as it may sound. Travel memories are no different. But now, with social media we took bragging to a totally new level. Same goes for constructing our self image based on the social feedback and verification. What was once a village of critique or cuddles has now become a gruelling billion of voices. And the feedback is as instant as it gets. Sometimes too instant and too galore therefore it loses its significance. The digital era of sharing everything for some has become a sort of a dead end street of neuronal stimuli addiction. How to still enjoy travel memories, reliving the experiences by exposing ourselves without becoming obsessively engaged in the social media game. And how to find ways not to become totally isolated from it at the same time.

Me, myself & tech

Using Social Media
Technology greatly influences the way we view the world around us and the way we experience things. That is even more true for the digital natives – that is those of us who were born when the internet actually already existed, not just in minds of those NASA guys. Just check any picture of any great event from the past year and compare it with something similar dating back ten years. You will see what has changed. We document absolutely everything as the world of high tech is actually a world of very low costs and low skills. You just snap or roll anything you can lay your eyes on. This trend called life storing is dominant. But we don’t store for the sake of storing. We store those bites to share them with others gaining friends, building relations, verifying our social credibility as travelers, experts, people generally.

Why do I care?

Using Social Media


We care so much about it as that is the way we were constructed from the very beginning. We are social beings and as trivial as it may sound no man is an island. By sharing experiences with the others we learn, sustain our self-image, construct our self-esteem, gain insights and simply form allies – people, groups, or states that have joined in an association for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose.  That brings me to the point of if it – all social media are as social as they promise to be. What is the mutual benefit or common purpose of huge social media outlets like Facebook or Pinterest? Sure they are a great way to communicate and stay in touch, but they are not so much about getting to know others who share the same passion. Travelers who love to travel will maybe find some groups but those are not largely supported by Facebook which with time has started resemble sort of a wall-martish giant where tribes are desperate to connect.

How to NOT save memories like Kim Kardashian

Using Social Media

Facebook and other media are great outlets, they can become a good source of updates but they are mostly no place for anything relevant. Travelling is one of the passions that simply requires (just like any other passion) careful attention of others who share and can provide relevant feedback. Not a customary „like”. After all even Kim and Kanye’s baby is not that important to everyone. So, share the things you are mad about with other positively mad people – modern day nomads.

Share with the ones who care

Using Social MediaFacebook, Pinterest and Instagram are all great platforms but some argue they are not true social networks… How come – you may ask, as those very web apps are considered the definition of what social means. There are however strong arguments that it is not quite the case. Social networks, as some say, should gather people of the same interest and passions, like fora and clubs do. People who are engaged in conversations about things that matter and not the picture of a cat or cafe latte. I’m not arguing those have to be heavy abstract academic discussions but the shift in the way people use social media outlets clearly shows that what is for everyone is clearly for no one. That is why the blogs and more niche platforms segmented for users who care are becoming more and more relevant. It truly is wonderful to share the travel memories with the whole world, but it feels way more wonderful to share them with the ones who understand a fellow modern day nomad and not just „like” every other picture with same passion they „like” the cat memes. It not that I have anything cats, cat memes or Facebook for that matter. It’s that I simply prefer to check the story of one Zanzibar adventure in a place where it’s framed and exposed like all travel experiences should be, and not like a great piece of literature among pulp fiction.

BTW all the pictures here are from Zanzibar, too. It’s a beautiful place. I have no idea if there are cats there…

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Photo Credit: Nesos via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Nesos via Compfight cc
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