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After listing a few books you should avoid if you don’t want to travel, it’s high time to do a similar analysis with movies. They have even bigger potential of making you travel, because you don’t have to imagine anything – you’ll be seeing the place, that you will be inspired to go to before actually arriving. Here’s a few films that might have a big impact on your future traveling plans.

Paris trip inspired by movie Amelie
Photo Credit: Julie70 via Compfight cc

PARIS – “AMÉLIE” [2001]

Amélie Poulain is this eccentric young girl from Paris, brought up separated from her peers. Thanks to that she developed an extraordinary imagination and an unusual interest to mankind and respect to every person she meets. She spends her free time helping Parisians and bringing happiness into their lives at the same time looking for love in her own life. This warm comedy full of romance shows the viewers not only an interesting character (played by incredible Audrey Tautou), but also makes you fall in love. With the capital city of France, which is presented as this colorful and charming place, where you can actually find joy and childish optimism – the one Amélie never lost.

Alaska trip inspired by the movie
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The plot is trivial: a Canadian (Sandra Bullock) who’s working as an editor in a big New York publishing house finds out, that her working visa for the States is expiring. To prevent deportation, she proposes to her assistant (Ryan Reynolds), who has no other choice but to accept it. They go to his hometown to announce the news to his family. In this movie there were just two things I liked. The always incredible Betty White (chapeau bas, madame) as the grandmother, and Alaska. Even during watching the movie, I opened my “places to visit” list, that I storage just under my temporal lobe and mentally penciled this state in. It looked so very peaceful on screen with plenty of forests and lakes. And if you go far enough to the North, you can experience a phenomenon called the Midday Sun – experiencin it has been my dream since I’ve been to St. Petersburg during “White Nights” – why not doing that in Alaska?


Vienna journey inspired by the movie
Photo Credit: Chris JL via Compfight cc


Jesse – a young American travelling across Europe meets a french girl Celine in the train from Budapest to Vienna. The conversation they have is so interesting and the night in Vienna so warm, that they decide to kill time waiting for the train to Paris (Celine) and plane to the States (Jesse) together. As they open up (they know they will never meet after tonight, so they share much more than they would usually would), they walk through the beautiful capital city of Austria, with its marvelous architecture, multitude of fountains and the Wiener Riesenrad, which is a 65 m (212 ft) ferris wheel, making the viewer envy of the relationship they’ve built and of the possibility to spend the night in such an awesome place.


Scotland trip inspired by the movie
Photo Credit: Martin Sojka .. www.VisualEscap.es via Compfight cc


Back when Mel Gibson was still on top, he decided to star in and direct a piece, that turned out to be the highpoint of his career. “Braveheart” – a movie about a Scottish peasant that lead a rebellion against English tyranny – won 5 Academy awards and became a blockbuster, earning nearly $ 36 million all over the world. A huge part in this success took the shooting location: Scotland (and Ireland), that make you say – “wow… I want one!”. And so you want to pack your things and go to Edinburgh or Glasgow or any other Scottish city. Despite the weather, the narrow roads and the local people’s specific way of being. Because you expect to  be astonished: the “Braveheart” is a promise for all of that.


New Zeland travel
Photo Credit: maxmaria via Compfight cc


Surprised to see this series on my list? You thought traveling to the Middle Earth was impossible? It is (at least as far as I know). But those movies made a huge impact to the tourist industry of a small country of New Zealand. It’s landscapes were “hired” to act as the LOTR universe and they did a terrific job, both as a Middle Earth and as a product placement for the two big and a number of smaller islands on southwestern Pacific. Good job in promoting your own motherland, Peter Jackson!


Travel Barcelona
Photo Credit: Stoned59 via Compfight cc


You gotta get a hint, when both a book (again, I’m referring to my post about books – a little self-marketing never hurt anyone) and a movie tell you to choose a city. That’s how it is with Barcelona. Vicky (Rebecca Hall)  and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson), two friends from USA arrive to Barcelona for summer holiday. They both independently have an affair with a passionate spanish painter (Javier Bardem), who’s temperamental ex-wife (Penélope Cruz) still has a lot to say in his life. If the perspective of visiting Spain in the summer is not enough to make you want to throw everything and go to the airport, the landschafts and the food in this movie will do the charm.

I’m sure you all have your favourite movies. And maybe some of those have inspired you to go some place you never thought of before watching it. The six movies I’ve just presented can be treated as a start of the list, and I’m looking forward to adding new films to it. I wonder if I can get any help, from you guys?

And if you ever get to any of those locations don’t waste a chance to get a bit lost to discover the hidden treasures. You might also find useful our guide on how to avoid crowds. And If you get a bit lonely, here’s some advice on how to make friends. And don’t you dare to forget to taste the local food.


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