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Having a visual content strategy is what can help you drive more amazing people to your blog and give you that extra competitive advantage. I know, it all sounds a bit like a marketers blabbing in a world where actually all you want to do is have an honest conversation with amazing people who follow your brilliant blog. The truth is that visual content can only help you lift this conversation to a higher level. And to have a great visual content marketing strategy you do not have to spend extra hours creating things you didn’t like in the first place – you can actually use something you have in abudance. By that I mean- why don’t you use your photographs? Your amazing spectacular pictures you have taken traveling the world. Here’s five ways to use them and how to include them as an element of your visual content strategy.

Social Media Love Your Pics

visual content strategyIt’s a well proven fact that people engage with visual content a lot more than with plain words. Not that words don’t matter. It is just the way our brain works – it instantly makes us concentrate on visual rather than plain text. Scientifically speaking, our retina transmits visual data to the brain at the rate of 10 million bits per second. That’s 10’000 faster than a 40 word slide.

Same applies to anything you want to put out there on your social media platforms. If you have a blog one of the good ways to promote it is to engage with audiences on Facebook. But there are other platforms that are even more suitable for great pictures you have. I am speaking of Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Depending on time you want to dedicate and the audiences you want to reach out to, you can use any of them. And trust me – travel pictures are by far one of the most popular ones on any of those given platforms. The simple fact is people love to look at and share amazing travel imagery. So go ahead and try out new territories. That’s the easiest way you can use your visual content without even having to alter it.

Try Conquering Slideshare with Your Visual Content

visual content strategySlideshare is a social media outlet that is still under-utilized. At Travel World Passport we’ve continuously tried out Slideshare as part of our strategy and I must say it works! Slideshare is all about great presentations that tell great stories. Business people tell their stories their way, educators do it their way and travelers can certainly make it their own. But what does that have to do with your pictures? Well – you can use your pictures to create a great deck to tell a story you think is exciting. This way you will create a sort of an album with a message coming through. Say you want to make people you’ve met on the road a center of your presentation. Use Power Point or Keynote to create a deck tilted AMAZING PEOPLE I’VE MET TRAVELING ASIA (for example) and save it as a PDF and upload it. Slideshare allows you to describe and tag you deck accordingly, so you will have a great chance people who share your passion will find it. And they will certainly like it!

Slideshare has a great discovery engine and a team of brilliant curators, so you don’t have to worry about no having a huge following there. Your slidedeck will be discovered.

Turn It Into an E-book

Making a pdf slide presentation is a lot like an ebook or flipbook. If you want to come up with something more fancy, you might want to try the Apple app for Mac called iBooks Author. It is a great editorial tool that allows you to create true interactive iBooks. And it is simple to use. The tool allows you to edit text, photos and movies and create a state of the art amazing publication that you can even put out there on iTunes – free or with a price you think appropriate. I bet your pictures will look great there and you can maybe even become a top bestseller. Who knows?

Turn It Into a Meme

visual content strategyI have written quite recently a post on memejacking. That is actually yet another way to use your visual content. Memejacking is a simple act of turning your picture into a cultural phenomenon called a meme. We love to create memes by combining great quotes with beautiful imagery. You can do that, too. After all a meme is also a story. A short and funny one. And I am sure you can find amazing pictures to illustrate just about any quote that is out there.

Go Retro With a Postcard

visual content strategy

Once upon a time there were little paper things people used to send each other from far off places to make others happy and let them know they were thinking of them everywhere they went. You know – postcards. Nowadays most of us seem to use all ways digital to do the same, which is all right, but if you want to feel a bit of a retro vibe you can turn your pictures into good, old-fashioned postcards. You can do it with help of modern technology, for example with a Postagram app. Postagram makes it easy to send Instagram, Facebook, and mobile phone photos as photo postcards from your iPhone, ipod touch or Android phone. And you can mail them to anyone you wish to. It’s a great way to use the great visual content your pictures actually are.

People love the pictures you take – they are amazing visual representations of your finest travel memories. By using them creatively across different  platforms you can gain more traffic directly to your blog.  You can have more amazing people see your stuff and that is certainly worth a try.

Camera Man by Jennifer Trovato